Wednesday, 9 November 2011

A Photo from the Peace Supremo dream, before the awful interuption

A Photo from the Peace Supremo dream, before the awful interuption
The attack of the sleeping beauty
While having a tiny nap Peace Supremo was having the most wonderful dream. He was in this wonderful meadow. Nice soft grass, birds sang and he was having a tiny nap all by himself in total harmony. Life just could not get any better. In his dream he was just having a nice midnap position change when the most awful thing happened. His nap was cut off due to an emergency situation. Suddenly he was hanging on to the chair with his bare claws, just trying to get back on top on it before he would crash into the floor underneath him. It was touch and go for several nano seconds, while the unfortunate cat was struggling to regain control of the situation and the chair. The time stopped while almost freaked out witnesses was close to paralyzed by the commotion in front of them. A deep sight of relieve was heard all around the living room when Peace Supremo finally won over the situation and was able to drag himself physically unharmed back to the safe comfort of the chairs sleeping area.
The poor chap was so utterly flabbergasted by the whole scenario that it actually took him several minutes before he was able to continue his nap. The only strange thing is that all his investigation leads to the same conclusion. There was nobody who had attacked him, so how had he fallen of the chair in the beginning?
King Tiny said: “HIHIHIHIHIHIIIIHIHIHIIIIIHIHI Peace Supremo is sleep moving!!”

Where did the Goose go?
While the rain was falling down in what only can be described as HEAVY, most of the citizens stayed indoors. Most, not all. Geese actually don’t consider heavy down fall as bad weather. So Mr Goose decided that this was the day to go for a walk. Since we are talking about a guy who normally not even never ever leave the courtyard, this made Mrs Goose very worried, and a search was started. He was nowhere to be found. So Mrs Goose and a drenched human was very happy indeed, when Mr Goose decided to come back all by himself.
Mr Goose say: “There is no bad weather, just bad feathers!”

The Guest enjoying a relaxing neck massage, a populare room service option at the hotel wing.
At the hotel
After spending a week here at Maifrin, the Guest decided that it was time for him to to some research towards what might be outside his own private quarter. So off the old English Gentelman went. At first sight it was very promising indeed. He found some rather nice napping areas and bingo was reached when he reached the dining room for the resident cats. All in all the Guest was happy with his exploring. Then the awful thing happened. He was mid stairs when Mr. Purr came along in the other direction. The Guest immediately froze stiff, wondering seriously what to do next. What he didn’t see coming in his wildest dream was this; Mr Purr went straight up in his face and gave him a long hug and a high welcome Purr. This was too much for the old English chap and he was seen immediately after returning to his own private quarter in something that only can be described as light speed light.
The Guest say: “What is it with these Italian? Affection like that just isn’t normal. Have they no respect for personal space? I’ll stay with the entertainment system for now, thank you very much”

 Rest in peace Mrs Flower
Mrs Flower became a citizen in 2009, when she was about 2 years of age. She was one of the first citizens of the Hen Department.
Mrs Flower left us the morning at the 7th November after a very short illness due to old age.
She was a very strong lady with strong opinions. Therefore she was the natural choice for the position as Spokeshen when this got available late 2009. When she retired earlier this summer, she left behind a serious amount of perfect statement on behalf of the Hen Department.
Mrs Flowers big joy in life was being a mother. She was indeed a dedicated mother, and she was truly devastated when her kids left her wing at only 13 weeks old.
Mrs Flower was also a true feminist, and when it showed out that her husband Mr Flower was a rather unpleasant playboy who loved more than just look at the other ladies, and than more than once got in a fight with a fellow rooster, this got to much for Mrs Flower. She got a divorce and Mr Flower was evicted and had to move into another hen department down the hill. Mrs Flower never got married again.
Mrs Flower was put to rest at the Flying High Cemetery, where even the sun popped by to wish an old friend good by.
Mrs Flower leaves behind a daughter and 7 grandkids.
Miss Flower say: “This is a huge loss for us all. She was a great mum, and I have raised my kids with her as my sole example. She wasn’t just a great mum though, she was a support for all of us here in the Hen Department, and she truly will be missed. Still her memory will live on.”

If it hadn't been for the sun in this photo, this could very well be Beauty trying to cross the courtyard.
Weather forecast
Water absolutely everywhere.
The dogs are to wetherbroken to give anyone any advice, but would love to get advice about how to stay positive in these dreadful times.


A reward is to be given to anyone who can return the sun to the collective.
Ref: Desperate citizens

An automatic mud remover, who gently still effective, will remove all sign of mud from paws, claws, trotters, hoofs, feet and other shoe wear.
Ref: Desperate human

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