Thursday, 3 November 2011

The journalist discussing the situation of the world

Freedom of speech
Lately the citizens and especially the journalist have been deprived of their freedom to speech. While the constitution clearly state that every citizen has the right to speak is mind as long as it is not directly harmful toward another citizen, this isn’t always the case. It is not like the citizen doesn’t speak whatever is on their mind, as they have always done, but the internet connection has been down. Therefore the citizens has been deprived of getting the latest update on whatever happening in the world, and therefore have seen them selves forming their opinions on yesterdays news. As you can all imagine this could have led to poor judgement in the long run. You just can’t build a good solid founded democracy if you do not know exactly what is going on in the world, and why the things that are going on are actually happening.
The Model say: “Imagine all of those outrageous things that could have happened if the news weren’t there to control and inform the citizens of what happening.”

The happy Guest laughing the whole way through his favourite show.
The Guest
About a year ago “the English cat that live together with that big huge black so-called dog on the wrong side of the valley” (from now on known as the Guest) stayed as a guest in our hotel department. Off course the poor chap was not surprisingly incredible happy with our five paw services, so after begging and nagging his human non-stop he has no returned to our facility.
The Guest is busy enjoying the entertainment system and his favourite show is the trice a daily “What is not happening to that big huge black so-called dog in the canile!?” His favourite show so far was “the Guest is cuddled 5 times a day, how often is the big huge black thing cuddled a day?” Apparently the Guest is a huge fan of reruns.
The Guest say: “Honestly I didn’t think it was possible, but the service is even better this stay around!”

The beanbag is only working for King Tiny
All the time since the last saccopuff died a rather unpleasant death several months ago; we have searched high and low for a bean bag that could be transformed to new and fresh sacco puffs. We are happy to announce that the search is now over. Some rather hideous looking over stuffed bean bags where located, and are now awaiting their transformation to a better and much more loved live as approved sacco puffs here with us.
King Tiny say: “Honestly, I rather like it as it is. Fits my needs exactly.”

Weather forecast
A rather boring grey is spreading like muddy paw print on a rainy day.
The dogs recommend you to remember at least it isn’t raining.


One amazing sub-human elite!
Today we would like to congratulate other great sub-human elite. Some few years ago Gerd was born on this very day. We wish her a wonderful day, which we are convinced she will get.
The biggest purrs and hugs from every citizen.
PS. Please come back and pet us some more! Ds.

Please note Peace Supremeo, top right
Thank you!
Primadonna would like to thank everybody for all the support she received while she was ill. A huge thanks in particular goes to the wonderful sub-human Kate who took time to send the poor feeling cat a very special postcard. Everybody should follow her example.

This photo could easily been avoided with a propper photographer

A photo King Tiny rather saw was untaken
Photographer wanted
Urgently needed is an understanding and patient photographer who understand that a good photo just can’t be rushed. That an absolute minimum of 3 hours pruning is always needed prior to any successful photo session. 
Please immediately forward your portfolio together with a complete CV, long application and at least 10 serious recommendations.
Ref: Cat models united

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  1. Great news as always.

    Happy Birthday Gerd.

    Citizens: I am so sorry you can't get a good photographer. Sadly my skills are no better (& probably significantly worse) than your current employee. May I suggest you continue to provide training to your photographer until the get it right.

  2. I hope Gerd had a very Happy Birthday.

    Very pleased firstly that Primadonna is better and secondly that her postcard escaped being defaced by the Royal Mail!

  3. Thank you!

    the question is, how much training can one need? We are incredible patience, but honestly.....!

    When it comes to the postcard, the royal mail was innocent this time : ) The Peace Supremo still doesn't answer what he was doing in Cornwall though....