Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sheppard showing of her great sniffer!
The pillar of socity
We all know that the Sheppard is all about keeping the society safe, and always ready to do her bit to make the world a better place to live. Therefore it came as no surprise to us when she yesterday decided to help out at the airport. As long as she was still there, she thought she could take it upon her to sniff out who had been good and who had been bad. So while trotting along trying to great everybody who wants to great her, she occasional (as much as possible actually) turns her snout in the direction of as many suitcases she can. This normally being very well liked by humans attached to the suitcases, it is not always the case, and somebody turns rather nervous and the occasional human actually turn panicky. The latter is as earlier mentioned not a common reflex, but when it happens it seems to somewhat entertain certain humans. Normally her own, but yesterday she had a bigger audience. While this man was trying to desperately turn his luggage away from her snoutness, putting himself in between them looking for a fast get away, he was to busy to see her whole audience. To police officers saw the whole thing and decided they suddenly had an urgent need to talk this very fellow. So while the police officers went over to talk to the snout hating fellow, the Sheppard went on to sniff in other directions. Surprisingly no job offer was received, but then again, they were to busy speaking to a certain maybe not so gentleman.
The Sheppard say: “You know, everybody has to do their little bit to help making the world a better place to live. I have seen what a certain drug can do to certain cats, so if I in anyway can stop a drug smuggler, well, here I am!”

Desperate sheep trying to cleanse their palate.
Thieving idiots caught redmouthed
After the incident with the violated garlic, the Maifrin police unit decided that the case would not be investigated as the harm finding out who was stupid enough to actually try to eat the garlic would cause more damage than what the damage was to the garlic. After all, nobody wanted to know who the offender was, and even the garlic didn’t want to spill the news. Actually while interviewed the garlic didn’t help at all.
What nobody saw coming though, was that the saying; “a criminal always come back to the crime scene” was actually true, even in garlic related crime. Due to the lack of co-operation we don’t even think the garlic saw this coming. So while about doing garlic business (and we all know what that is) the offenders not only returned to the scene of crime, but it happens in bright daylight. This time witnesses was all around, and they all felt sick to their stomachs realizing that it wasn’t only one offender but two! Neither had they learned anything from their first attack, so they tried to attack the garlic AGAIN. The garlic had to do what garlic to best. It did go into full self defence mode. What happened next is somewhat unclear though, as all the witnesses was hiding their eyes behind paws, wings, ears and the occasional tail. What is the case though is that two certain sheep was seeing leaving the return crime scene in a hurry, obviously trying to cleanse their palate in something that only can be described as a sickening way.  
The garlic says absolutely nothing.

Big Daddy looking at one of many properties before they found the Green Cottage

The Green Cottage!

The real estate marked
While preparing for the upcoming cold season, DJ sQuil and Big Daddy decided that they had to get their trotter on a new house, as their old house had an unfortunate shrinking related incident the previous spring, and was no longer under any way able to give the two pigs the comfort they were seeking. So the two guys starting looking at the property listed in their local newspaper. At first glance it didn’t look well at al, as the two gentlemen was only looking at the new buildings, and it so happens to be non new building what so ever. After several tries the pigs decided that they might even have to consider lowering their demands, and they turned their eyes in the direction of second hand houses. To be honest this wasn’t much better than the new building. Not because there was no second hand homes to come by, but they all seemed too small for a couple of normal sized pigs with only a minimum of standards. Than suddenly there it was. They were staring at a wonderful cottage, that with only small adjustments would fit the all the pigs needs, and it even looked cosy. This was all the pigs wanted, and the deal went straight through. Big Daddy and DJ sQuil had become the proud owner of a wonderful one bedroom high ceiling cottage.
The cottage was then immediately moved to the pigs private piece of land in the basement, and after a tiny adjustment to the door the pigs went at the decoration with a huge grin on their faces.
The pigs are not available for comments, as they are currently to busy taking their new sleeping arrangement out for a spin.

Weather forecast
Some sun is observed.
The dogs recommend you to do kindly ask the sun to stay on.


Sold property
After a transaction consisting of two bales of hay, the Green Cottage has changed ownership. Previous owner: Mike & Ralph
New owners: Big Daddy & DJ sQuil

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