Thursday, 17 November 2011

King Tiny comforting Seniora
Mr & Widow March
On the mends
Due to a rather irritating cough, the Seniora agreed to pay the vets a visit. The poor Seniora was there diagnosed with a throat infection. The old lady was propped up with antibiotics and sent home to rest in a nice warm place.
We are glad to let you all know that she is now recovering nicely.
Seniora said: “coff coff coff coff COFF COFF coff coff COFF cooOOOFFFF”

Mrs Goose in the tub
A certain Mrs Goose was desperately in need of a bath, but to her horror, he pool was being cleaned out. A dirty feather just can’t be put on hold. Therefore she realized that she had to find another solution, and she needed to find it FAST! At first glance around the courtyard it didn’t look good. Then she saw it. There it was a tub! A goose it actually more into pools than to tubs, but the feather just could not wait. She dived into the tub, and there she stayed until her pool was back in business.
Mrs Goose say: “Puh, for a moment there is was touch and go…”

The offended garlic.
Thieving idiots
Apparently nothing is safe anymore, and you just cant leave anything unwatched, not even for minutes. Still it comes as a chock for most of the citizens (most likely the thief itself) when somebody had tried to steal the garlic. Not because somebody could sink so low, but that somebody actually was stupid enough to not only steal the damn thing, but that the same somebody had actually tried to eat it.
The Model Says: “This case will not be investigated, as we honestly do not want to know who could be that totally stupid!”

One supporting and polite chicken
“Oh wasn’t that hole supposed to be there?”
Yesterday a couple of chicken was out for a nice cosy walk, when they hit jack pot. There it was, just lying around. It was actually waiting for the chickens to pop by. The now very happy chicks jumped up to the lonely food sack. What did they found? After a very through out inspection they found a hole. The chick also now that every food sacks biggest desire is to feed somebody, so even though they actually weren’t that hungry, they politely digged in.
The chicks said: “A chick has to do what a chick has to do. Also help a lonely food sack.”

Weather forecast
Hot days, cold nights.
The dogs recommend you to enjoy the days to the fullest so you will get through those awful nights.


Mr August
The Latest news by TamTam official 2012 calendar.
After numerous requests we have yet again made official Latest news by TamTam calendar.
The calendar consist of 13 gorgeous photos (especially August, if I might say so myself).
This calendar can be yours for about 12€. Remember; a calendar is also a nice gift.   
If you live in a EU contry and order 5 pieces, we will forward directly to your house, or address of choice. Postage will then be included.
For less than 5 pieces postage is not included.
Please order as soon as possible, as we want to be sure to get them to you in good time for Christmas.
You can see more of the photos at: 

Miss & Miss Aprile
Mr September
Mr June
Mrs July
Mr & Mr October

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