Saturday, 5 November 2011

Happy customers back at business after a visit at the clawicurist.
The hen departement really don’t like to get off their perches with a wrong foot. Therefore, preparing their feet and claws for the upcoming heavy rain all the feet feathered hens and roosters were lucky enough to get an emergency appointment with the clawicurist. One after the other the brave birds had their feet featherdo transformed from long and beautiful to short and ….. oh lets face it, short and beautiful.
Hippie said: “I had been saving up to long feather for weeks, and than! It is not like I hate rain or anything, but honestly, it is a nightmare!”

What happend to the Mac Pig version 2916
Sweet oinks
The Hen department was not the only one preparing for the upcoming oh so terrible weather. Big Daddy and DJ sQuil realized that they had to prepare for the indoor season. Therefore the two gentlemen decided to go wild, and invest in an indoor entertainment system. After all it had been on their wishing list all since the last one was ruined during some truly mystical circumstances including two pigs.
DJ sQuiled oinked: “WHOW, this Mac Pig version 3751 is just great! I would actually go as strong to say AMAZING! What weather are you talking about? Who has time to go out anyway? Can’t you see I am busy? WUHUUUU!! It even comes with the double flappable cardboard application! What are you still doing here? Can’t you see I have things to work out? Oh my, oh my! This is SOOOO exciting! STILL HERE!!?”

The Angora cat missing what he thought was his friend, the Sun.
Jumping with the season
While somebody hasn’t that much of preparing to do towards the upcoming maximum downfall of water, somebody tries to prepare them self psychological instead. The poor Angora Cat was bravely having one last big outdoor jumping session. Gone was all the green. Gone was the sweet heat. Gone was the blue sky. Instead a grey moist mist had made the view rather foggy, his fur damp, and the grey and brown (previously known as green) was sticking to his fur in a not so comfortable way. The Angora cat was shortly thereafter seen jumping back indoors. He was last observed in front to the fireplace.
The Angora cat say: “Let’s face it, our dear friend the Sun has left us. At least I thought we were friends…..”

Art & friend pruning happily together
Save the art
Like everybody else, also Mr Purr is preparing for the hated monsoon. Being a serious art collector, the art chap was arranging for his beloved statues to be brought to a safe holding where he could keep a close eye on the absolute adorable pieces. We are happy to announce that the art is safe and very comfy in their new secure safe housing.
The Model say: “All that, for those……?!”

We weathersick?!
Weather forecast
The dogs recommend you to think positive thoughts, positive thoughts, positive thoughts, and positive thoughts. Just concentrate, they know you can do it!


The Hen department is in urgent need of water proof breathing feathers, and swimming skin to their feet.
Ref: Urgent Hen Department

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