Saturday, 19 December 2009

December 19th

A happy dog!
Yesterday evening it started to snow. The more sensible of us did off course go straight in to extreme sulking mode, but not the Boy Toy Dog. He just could not have been happier and was observed celebrating the snow outdoors. When he discovered that the snow was still there this morning he went completely bunkers, and have been playing around ever after. A research team has been called to find his off bottom, but unfortunately the team is unavailable for the moment as they are currently researching the positive effect a working fireplace can have on your well being.
The Boy Toy Dog Say: “Life just could not get any better. I love to play around in the snow, role in it, cover my nose in it, jump in it, run in it and toss it around. To be honest, there just isn’t a thing with snow I don’t like.”

Not so happy dog!
Not every dog started the day with quit the same positive attitude as the Boy Toy dog. Not even her favourite toy seemed to get her spirits up. Luckily the Boy Toy Dog was there to show her his favourite snow games. Still the Sheppard has been observed walking in the snow free areas.
The Sheppard say: “It might be a lot of fun things to do with this stuff, but I still get cold paws.”

Treasure hunt!
Big Daddy and DJ sQuil is currently out hunting for hidden treasures in the snow. This is actually a quit amusing hobby spite cold trotters and white snouts. The snow does contain small parts of banana, apple, pear, peanuts and Clementine which seems to be to the two pigs liking.
DJ sQuil say: “In the beginning the coldness of it all kind of got my spirit more than a bit down, but then the Boy Toy Dog showed us some of his secrets about enjoying snow and when we than also discovered the treasure hunt possibilities. We will be out here four hours man!”

Help the wild birds!
This morning the wild birds food area was completely covered with snow. An emergency response team was sent out to help the birds in their time of need, and the birds are now back eating happily.
The Rooster say: “We are here to help our relatives in need, so we sent out the humans to help them. We could not do it our self as we do not want to get our claws cold by the cold snow.”

Number of eggs today: 4, but it is till early.

Weather forcast
As you can see we have had lots and lots of snow. This will be staying on for the days.
The dogs recommend you to get out and just ENJOY!!!

How to love snow!
Do you dislike snow, maybe even hate it? Does the thought of cold paws and wet fur keep you in all day? Does the whiteness of it all put you in a rather grumpy mood? Do you recognize yourself in one or more of the above mentioned problems? Don’t worry; this will now change as the Boy Toy Dog has yet again started up his course in “How to love snow!” The snow specialist will teach you the true spirit of a snowy day. After attending one of his classes you can’t wait for the next snow to arrive!
Ref: JUHUUUUU It is snowing!

Entertainment package pig
Entertainment package for pigs are desperately wanted by two hungry pigs. As true connoisseurs the package need to contain the following: Banana, pear, Clementine, apple, peanuts, carrots, raisins, nuts and potato. This is an absolute minimum, feel obligated to add even more.
Ref: Desperate hungry pigs

Entertainment package hens
Bored and somewhat hungry chicks need to be entertained in their courtyard as the snow outside gets their claws to cold to own comfort. The Package need to contain the following: chick crums and sunflower seeds. Additional product will most likely be met with pleasure.
Ref: Chicks against snow


  1. wow cool! Love Erbies classes :-))) and the picture of the weatherforecast is :-D

  2. Dear Torild! We are so happy to hear you like the photo of Erbies pleasure and joy. He has also saved a space for both you and JØ at the 30/12 classes.