Monday, 7 December 2009

December 7th

The Sheppard

Yesterday the day the Lady Dog had been waiting for for so long finally arrived!! It was the big sheepdog day. A private car was ordered and finally they arrived at the Sheepdog centre. There the sheep was ready to follow here smallest order. Off course the Lady Dog did not want to give them any orders at all before she had smelled the complete field. The rumours put out by the Boy Toy Dog that she was actually was a little scared of the sheep is far from the truth, you just need to know your field by its smell, all sheppards know that.

After watching (and highly commenting) some of the other sheppards at work, she finally tried for herself. From then off her only problem was to stop. She was such a natural running them up.

The Lady Dog say: “From now on I will only be known as the Sheppard!”


Today we all woke up to a cruel cock. The Dog flap had been the victim of sabotage! The flap was gone, and this on a cold night. Luckily the crooks did not get the flap with them, and it was found only a couple of meters away. According to witness statement the flap disappeared while the 2 dogs was out chasing “the dark monsters”, when one of “the dark monsters” manage to get behind them and remove the flap. At least this is what the dogs think must have happened as the flap was just GONE when they where heading in again after what they actually thought was a successful anti dark monster patrol. Since they did not manage to bring the flap with them, this is proof enough for the Dogs. “The dark monsters” will not have a safe future, as the dogs have realized that they will have to have even more patrols through out the night.

The Chief Cat say: “Strangely enough nobody expect the dogs ever see, hear or smell these so called “dark monsters”. I was walking past their flap only seconds earlier, and I didn’t see, hear or smell anything except that ………… of the dogs themselves.”

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

To prove he was not a rabbist, the Model Cat did yesterday pay Snows home the rabbit cage a visit. After a long and very throughout investigation of his home he left. After all it was not at all cat friendly as it was no space big enough for him to sleep.

The Model Cat say: “I am not a rabbist!! But hey, cats need their space to sleep. I’ve tried it and I can now knock it.”

Happy marriage?

While the Hen Department is normally famous for being a rather peaceful part of the Maifrin Animal Collective, well, not everything is purrfect. Lately the married couple Mrs & Mr Flower has been observed quarrelling more than once. This might be understandable as Mr. Flower is famous for watching all the chicks, and not only his lovely wife. They blame their married unbliss on the fact that their marriage after all was arranged.

The Spokeshen was not available for any comment as she was to busy flirting with a certain playrooster.

PS: Understandable te 2 not so lovebirds refused to be photographed together, but the Playrooster thought the chicks would prefer a photo of him. ds.

New mattress

A new mattress did arrive in the Pighouse earlier today. 2 very happy pigs are currently working on shaping their new mattress just the way they like it. This mattress was special ordered for the little piggies, as it has a built in food taste and smell at the same time is can be totally reshaped in minutes after the individual pigs need.

Big Daddy say: “This mattress is purrfect! Not only is it nice, cosy and warm, but it also gives us this wonderful dreams about food, and give you the opportunity to sleepeat as well. This is very important for us pigs as the day only have so many hours so it is hard to get enough time to both eat and sleep.”

Number off eggs today: 7!

Even the Brown hen that is currently located in the hospital wing of Maifrin insisted on laying an egg today!

Weather forecast!

Grey, grey, grey, grey and grey. Actually rather cold as well.

The Dogs recommend you to do a lot of exercising to stay warm.


Latest news by TamTam 2010 calendar

Please be adviced that it is still possible to buy our “Latest news by TamTam” 2010 calendar. This calendar is dedicated to our very good friend Pilota the Godmother Dog that died from us earlier this year. 1 calendar cost 12 euro plus postage.

Carrot wanted

Lots of fresh carrots are wanted by the carrotholder in the rabbit home.

Ref: Hungry rabbit

Sheep wanted

Nice cuddly sheep with a desire to be herded by the most caring Sheppard is wanted.

Ref: There is also room for one more.


  1. Hahaha- fantastisk design på din "carrotholder". Her tror jeg du kan gjøre deg meget berømt blandt kaniner ved å gjøre en patentering ;)

  2. Heisann! Hyggelig at du stikker innom :) Gullerotholderen er meget berømt blant kaninstanden i vår verden, men de utgjør jo også bare 1 i antall. Kan som sagt også brukes til mindre forlokkende ting som tyggepinner og eikekvister. Vi koser oss med alle dyra våre, og nei, livet er aldri kjedelig. Håper dere har det bra også!