Friday, 4 December 2009

December 4th

Big disjoy

Today the part of the population living here which waste times on sleeping the whole night through woke up to a terrible surprise. The rest of us had been following the tragedy for hours. We had to watch the drama develop from minute to minute. After several visits to the catflap, we realized that we did not suffer from a collective bad hallucination due to bad catnip, no, it really was snowing.

The Chief Cat say: “The rumour that I had to be carried out to do my business is true, I did not want my feet to become all cold and wet!”

Breakfast anywhere?

The Pigs had an awful morning today. That white stuff covering the ground really get the appetites up and going, and than the breakfast is late! Trying to bribe them each off with a banana did not at all help. The hunger was excruciating. The hunger was actually so bad that they did not even notice the snow until the late breakfast was all gone, and they where off to plan their in between meals snack.

DJ sQuil say: “I need foooooooood!!! What is this, “I just have to fix the central heating first” suppose to mean?”

Nasty fall

Snow (the rabbit) was so chocked to hear that his amazing whiteness had got some competition from the big outdoors that he fell of his sleeping platform in surprise. Luckily he fell down next to the foodbowl so he forgot all about the outdoors and started eating instead.

Snow say: “Who cares, I am never outdoors anyway!”

Inside out, outside in

The Lady dog has been observed exercising all morning, jumping in and out of the dogflap. The exercise session is still going up, and she does not seem to have any plans about stopping soon. The Boy Toy Dog was earlier seen desperately trying to sneak out between, but he gave it up and is now resting on a nice soft cushion. He could even have been resting peacefully if the noise from the dogflap could only stop.

The Lady Dog say: “JUHUUUU! This is the first time I can actually go indoors when it snow! I’ll have to try it again, and again, and again.”

The break-ins continue

2 pigs were observed leaving the scene of a break in a rather grumpy mood. Their plan to steal them self some snack from the food container fell short as they has all ready finished it up for breakfast.

Big daddy say: “This is outrages! It actually took me several minutes to open that door,. Here you try to be self sufficient, and this is the thank you you get?”

Stop us if you can!

Not everybody is letting the awful snow interfere with their daily routines. The Hen Department decided after a short discussion that the simplest solution was to completely ignore the snow and just keep on going as normal.

The Spokeshen say: “We just realized it was nothing we could do about it, so we just wanted to get on with it. The only flaw is that the insects don’t seem to have come to the same conclusion. How incredible rude of them!”

Number of eggs today: 5

Weather forecast

A rapid declaim of the white stuff outdoors. Otherwise grey and a very well dressed sun indeed.

The Dogs recommends you to enjoy the fact that you have an indoor to go to.


Please note that we have gone together and made an official “Latest news by TamTam 2010 calendar”. The calendar is dedicated to our dear late friend Pilota the Godmother Dog. We will always miss her.

This can be bought for the amount of 12 euros, plus 3 euros in freight if you live in Europe, 5 euro if you live outside Europe. Freight will only be charged for the first calendar.

You can see the photos at:

Car wanted

A private car is wanted by the Hen and Pig departments to go and collect some fresh food in the shape of sacks with some lovely corn products inside.

Ref: Before lunch

Indoor toilet

A small private box with a flap entrance and filled with odour- and moistremoving catsand is wanted in the close vicinity of a working fireplace.

Ref: The Chief Cat

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