Tuesday, 22 December 2009

December 22nd


Today the Model was out walking when he saw this really cold rat. The rat was really freezing. So in the spirit of the holiday the Model thought he should bring him inside, where it was almost a comfortable heat. Sure enough it is this silly rule that wild animals are under no circumstances allowed to live inside the house, but the kind and thoughtful Model did not see this as a big problem. The Rule did not say anything about dead wild animals could not live inside. Therefore the cold freezing rat was catmainly euthanized and bough inside for some warm comfort.

The Model say: “A kind and thoughtful cat has to do what a kind of thoughtful cat has to do.”

Identity crises

Suffering from a rare situation here at Casa Maifrin as the only animal of his species Snow is suffering from identity crises. This has resulting in the lucky rabbit thinks he has become a cat. A combined cat department is currently working overtime to find a shrink to solve this very unwanted problem.

The Cat Department have given the following official comment: “A rabbit can under NO circumstances ever become a cat! NEVER!”

Thank heavens and the sun off course

The dogs are so glad that the sun has now decided to turn. Not only do the dogs prefer the warmth provided by longer days, but they are also getting seriously tired of hunting dark monsters all through the long nights.

The Sheppard say: “It is not like we enjoy scaring off the dark monsters or anything, but somebody has to protect or beloved home!”

Cold you said?

Today the hens refused to stay in their warm henhouse and insisted on going out for a walk about. The white stuff on the ground was totally ignored, unless one of them felt for a tiny beverage.

The Playrooster say: “It is all in your head. You can choose to look at the snow as you enemy, or you can do as us, just ignore it!”

Snow mowers

The pigs have really learned to enjoy the snow. Still it is very hard work. They are working fulltime mowing the snow where nobody else seems to care about it, and you can all just imagine how big a project that is.

Big Daddy say: “We have a serious plan to have the lawn done in only a couple of days!”

Number of eggs today: 6

Weather forecast

White and wonderful!
The dogs tell you to remember that you never get to old to toss now around with your snout.



Please be adviced that from today on we will only refer to alias in our articles. Our higher species will be left out. If you are a new reader you can check our higher species at the right side of the news, where we are all photographed.

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Ref: Imprisoned dogs


  1. my friend Bunni thinks he's a cat.

  2. Aha! So it is a trick rabbits that wants to be something use, knowing that for a rabbit that is the only change they get. Ha! We do not under any circumstances believe he is a cat.