Monday, 14 December 2009

December 14th

Today the pigs were the victims of an awful sabotage attack. The 2 hungry pigs could nothing but watch as their food bowl was disappearing down the hillside, and all the food was falling out. The screams from their tummies could be heard for miles.

The Animal Shopping

Sometimes even animals need to do some shopping, but as most of them find this a total waste of time a list is sent out with a private car. The Dogs goes with to do some so-called supervision.

Following list was sent out yesterday.

The Cat department

Food, food and more food

The Hen Department


The Pig Department

A heating lamp

The Rabbit Department

Chewing sticks and changeable flooring material

The Dog Department

Chewing toy


The Sheppard dog say: “I don’t know how it happened, but I have a sneaky suspicion that those awful prison bars was smuggled into the car at the time we got some lovely snack and fresh water. Honestly it was too good to be true. Anyway, why do they think we destroyed the old one?”

Animal Aid

You should always remember those in more need than yourself, and we animals are always ready to give a helping paw whenever needed, or like in this case, a helping claw. Not all animals have a nice warm house to go into, so the least we can do is give them some food. The season for donating food to the outdoors birds are now official started.

The Playrooster say: “I do my best to show them some proper seed eating technique.”

Dust Bunnies

We have always been proud to say that we have been able to keep the dust bunnies under the bed on a very manageable level. Lately though we admit to have lost control. Dust bunnies have now been observed staring back at you with intensive glowing red eyes. A research team has been called to look into this matter.

The Primadonna Cat Say: “I am off course not at all afraid for any dust bunny, but to be on the safe side, I sleep at the sofa these days.”

Still here?!

While visiting a hen marked the dogs were on their best behaviour and came home with any new chicks. The same can not be said of the human who got back home with both dogs, even though she did get an offer to sell them.

The Chief Cat say: “What is wrong with that human? Not only did she not sell that Sheppard Dog, but the rumours have it that she even laughed at the offer!”

Back to work!

We are happy to let you all know that the Brown hen have been discharged from the Maifrin animal hospital wing, and is now very happy to be back at work in the Hen Department.

The Brown hen is not available for comments, as she is to busy feeling the freedom under her wings.

Number of eggs today: so far 3, but it is still early.

Weather forecast

Extremly unpleasant. Cold yacky white stuff has been observed in the air.

The dogs recommend you to go to your warmest and most cosy space and see if you can get it even warmer!


Our friends the wild birds

Remember to feed the wild birds!

They need a lot of energy to keep themselves warm and cosy.

Ref: Be good!


A sherpa is urgently needed to keep all the fireplaces filled with wood.

Ref: long days

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  1. Fnis :)
    Og for en råtass du er blitt med kamera. Nyyydelig!! Tror ikke jeg har kommentert for en nydelig enooorm familie dere har fått dere ;) Ser ut som dere koser dere masse! Moah Moah
    Klem B