Wednesday, 9 December 2009

December 9th

Sprained feather

Yesterday the Spokeshen got her self tangled in a tricky situation, yet again. Unfortunately this time it was a little worse than normal, and as a result she seriously sprained a feather! A bad feather day is hard enough, but a sprained feather is just awful. No stone was left unturned to try and help the unlucky hen, but in the end it was no way around it, the feather was amputated.

The Spokeshen say: “May dear dear feather, may she rest in peace.”

Climate changes

The Cat department does not understand why some living creatures don’t realize that the climate is changing in the world. Only in the 3 years since Maifrin Animal Collective was founded, have the cats seen some very unpleasant change in their world. The population of mice and lizards is in a rapid declane.

The Chief Cat say: “I remember the days there was enough mice for everyone, and lazy lizard had their sunbath on my porch. Those where the days my friends”

The death of a fire

Yesterday the cats and the rabbits had the misfortune of witness the death of a fire. They were all gathered around the fireplace for some seriously needed recharging of their body heat when the fire just left. The almost cold animals had to evacuate the living room in a hurry and move over to the library, where the fireplace was still luckily working.

Snow say: “For a moment there I thought I was actually going to freeze.”

Bathing in the Sun

While some of the inhabitants are complaining continuously over the lack of heat, not everybody has the same problem. 2 pigs were so happy to finally see their good friend the sun again that they almost immediately (after just a short meal and a couple of snacks) went straight ahead and had a nice long sun bath. If the sun hadn’t gone to bed the pigs would most likely still have been at it.

Big Daddy say: “Sun is sun, and you need to worship her! Now what was the number to that banana delivering services again?”

Where is Big Huge?

The Dogs are really concerned for their good friend the Big Huge dog. Earlier today they were off to meet him at their regularly weekly lunch, but Big Huge did not show. Instead he had sent his humans, but honestly that is just not the same. The fact that he also had sent a gift (in the shape of tasty grapes and pears) to the pigs and nothing for the Dogs…. Something is just not adding up. The Dogs are currently waiting for a private car to do some investigation a little more close up to Big Huges home.

The Sheppard say: “This is so not like him, well actually it is, but we are still worried!”

Number of eggs today: 4

Weather forecast!


The dogs recommend you to get the helll (we do not svear after all) out and enjoy as long as you possible can!



Due to the somewhat unpleasant temperatures outside the daily catrate training sessions has been moved from outside at evening time to inside at morning time.

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  1. Another wonderful episode of the Latest News. I hope you're all keeping warm. Take care my friends.