Saturday, 19 September 2009

Out of time

I am sorry to inform you that due to intensive travelling, and the fact that the Big Huge Dog is invited to dinner to night, this is only a short news story from us today, as I will be very busy big dog proofing my house the rest of the day.

Yesterday the Dogs begged me to let them borrowing the humans as they wanted to go off and eat some cheese. They were supposed to go by this strange thing called train as well, so I just did not have the hart to say no. I must admit, the thought of a dog free day did not sound to bad either, even though it meant I had to be with out my secretary.

Anyway, they have off course promised to write an article about it, and they have a very short deadline, so I hope to get it out tomorrow.

Next weekend the male human has to go out travelling again, so with my concern in mind, they have invited not only one substitute human, but two. I know they mean it all so well, but afterall, this does mean a lot of extra work for me, so I am afraid the “latest News by TamTam” will be a little shortened. It is not fare for you, I am totally aware of that, but that’s life I have been told.

In the mean time I have (by accident off course) found another e-mail from Big Daddy. You just have to feel sorry for him!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

To: george.clooney
Subject: Emils 14
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 11:49:31 +0200

Dear Mr Clooney

While I admire your film I think we can agree that there is not enough pigs i them. Have a suggestion for a film which will solve that. Called Emils 14 it is about a nice goodlooking pig Emil which is let out of jail after being locked up, wrongly accused of foraging for food in the kitchen. After teaming up with the other animals on the farm he gets his revenge by tricking their way into the house and break into both the fridge and freezer at the same time.
With your social emgagement i guess you are also interested in a remake of the "grapes of wrath" It is about some poor hungry pigs wich have to migrate all the way down to the neighboors wineyard in order to get food. And while there eats so much that they get stomach ache.
Talking of remakes, we know that there has been a remake of "the italian job" but that remake smelled worse that a wet dog. Much better to have some brave animals led by a very brave and handsome pig break into the Alba truffel fair in order to steal the fabled Langhe white truffels.

See forward to hear from you
Baron Emil Von Lønnberget und Snickerboden Antonsen Johansen


  1. Oh no, the baby sitters are coming and you're dealing with the big woofie, you're gonna need a vacation yourself!!! Take care, it will be OK.

  2. Thank you so much for your concern Brian! I'd love a vacation, but hey, that is not possible, everything depend on me around here. I know you know what I mean. The Big Dog does not scare me though. Nobody trains dogs like me!
    Take care yourself Brian!!

  3. Hi TamTam, it's nice to meet you! I saw you joined Cats with Blogs so I came over to say hello. I have never met an Italian cat before (even if you are really Norwegian). Wow you have a big family!

    Huffle Mawson

  4. Dear Huffle!

    I am so glad you found me!
    Really I am a Norwegian in Italy, but do you know so many Norwegain? The PeaceCat is also an Italian through and through as the rest of the non-cat animals.
    Next year we are thinking of getting peacocks, so could you please ask Tracey what her mother experience with that is?
    ppprrrrr ppprrrrrr TT

  5. Hi
    You have so many beautiful animals Wow!!
    Lovely blogsite you have :)
    So many cats ...
    hugs to all
    from Kareltje =^.^=

    greetings from The Netherlands
    Anya :)

  6. Dear Anya!

    Thank you for your kind words : )
    We enjoy our life, and I think that is hown in fur, feather and skin.