Monday, 7 September 2009

September 7th

Training the Lady

The Model Cat is these days working hard with training the Lady Dog to fit with his rules ”For the dogs who want to live with cats.” This is an intensive course but luckily the Lady Dog could not have asked for a more patient teacher than our beloved Model Cat. The course is far from finished, and she is by no means ready for her exams, but we are slowly getting there, and she has now reached the stage where she understand that if the Model Cat needs to have a nap in front of her waterbowl, she better find herself another waterbowl or wait until he is finished with his nap.

The Peacecat says: “If only she could understand that I am a cat as well….”

Shower party

Big Daddy has to support his new status as a rapper pig, started to invite to WILD parties. Yesterday one of his famous shower parties was held in the pool area, and the chicks all come running!.

The Spokehen said: “If you think this party was wild, you should try to get an invite to his “under the table party”. Those are CRAAAAZYYYY!!!!! We just keep on sleeping for hours at end.”

Lip Gloss

Lately the Dog has been observed using a light shade of lip gloss, not only at his lips, but also on his lover nose area. The Lady Dog does not seem to be impressed by this clearly effort to get her attention.

The Dog says: “Maybe I should try a male vet? What do those female know about checking up the ladies anyway?”


Big daddy and DJ sQuil

”The White truffle”

Egg and Bacon records

Available on 8 track cassette at your local Salami seller

The cover consists of the two musicians sleeping rough in a paper box in the Rustico ghetto. However we all know that in reality they have a villa in a nice part of the farm. Even by Italian pig rap standards this record has no meat and is much like their food, vegetarian and as such nothing a cat can sink a tooth into. Unlike the real gangster pigs “the wild boars” their songs of despair about the upcoming hunting season sounds toothless and they do not have the size to pull it off. The normal gangster stuff about getting legless in Parma is also similar tasteless. In order to ham it up they have included the classical tearjerker “Tutto Prosciutto” and even sings in English on “Bubble and Squeak”. But it is only in the classical Scottish lament about food deprivation”Hunting the Haggis” one can hear some real emotions as DJ sQuil really hits the high notes. On the rest of the record they sound even more henpecked than they really are and as empty as their food bowls. But knowing the musical taste of the Italians I expect it to sell in the millions and make the so called musicians laugh all the way to the piggybank.

(Critics by the Model Cat)

The Pig and his religion (by Big Daddy)

It has come to my attention that there are many pigs that do not know which religion to choose. As a very famous pig with many fans I feel that it is my duty to advice all those poor pigs. No pig should be Catholic OR Protestant. Not only do they eat pig but they also talks about clean living and have included gluttony as one of the seven sins! What nerve!

The Jews and Muslims have the common sense to refrain from eating pig. But, both expect you to wear silly headgear and I believe want to remove a part of the anatomy which I believe I do not have, they are just so OUT.

Hindues are our people, almost. Vegetarians mostly just like me, mostly. And they paint a nice mark on the forehead where I have a similar mark. But Holy COWS? They missed out. Which leaves us in the far East, and the only religion for pigs. I myself come from the fare east (Asti province) and I have found that the one to follow is Confucius!!! Everybody tells me that I am easily confused AND everybody tells me that the Chinese is very fond of pigs. This is the one and only religion for us.

Number of eggs today: 3

Weather Forecast

The Sun is still here, but she seem to suffer from a small touch of “burnt out” which makes the temperatures all the more pleasant.

The Dogs recommend you to make the best of the situation before the sun yet again has recharged her batteries.

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