Monday, 21 September 2009

September 21st

Something Cheesy
The other day the Dogs went off to smell cheese. There was a big festival filled with cheese, and the Dogs did off course want to check it out. The adventure started by going by train, something the Dogs had never done before. Not strangely they showed off to be naturals, even though The Dog insisted he needed to be treated as the posh dog he is, and demanded to be carried onboard.
When they finally arrived at the festival, it was kind of disappointing, as the cheese was placed in a very high altitude. No were in the program was it written that this was a “smell only” festival. Bless the dogs, luckily they are born with quit a positive streak, and wanted to the best of the situation. Charming as they are, they found bits and cheeses on the most surprising places.
Often said at the festival (to the humans disappointment) : “Look at those poor hungry dogs!”

Big Huge visiting
Yesterday the Big Huge was visiting. He arrived with a clean fur and his best intentions. This got him almost all the way there, just a small mishap with a certain Big Daddy, but that was all a huge misunderstanding but Big Daddy explained. In the end The Model Cat still had to sit him down and tell him all the right ways to behave.
The Model Cat say: “I must admit, His manners were great, and he listened carefully to all I had to say.”

Lately a bed has been observed in the kitchen. This is a bed we have been waiting quit a while for. It I important for all cats to have a comfy resting place in between meals, and especially they need somewhere comfy to wait al those time the food is late.
The Chief Cat say: “The only thing I just don’t get is why they went for this tiny bed. Is my tail really supposed to be hanging over the edge like this?”

The hunt is on
Yesterday was the first day in the hunting season, the worst time of the year. We are sorry to yet again have to inform you that the Wild Boar hunters are back, and they are just as ruthless, brainless, incredible selfish and evil as they always been. We hate them! They started off the season by leading the wild boar over the lowest part of our property, which off course meant that we all had to be looked inside. At least they did not run right through our courtyard as they did no less than 3 times last season. If they do, we will call the police, as they have been warned. Unfortunately if they get the dogs over our courtyard as well, it will still be too late for all the animals they meet on there way, and especially our friends the pigs. The Dogs will tare them apart.
If you are wondering why this hunt is so bad, let us inform you that the way they hunt has much in common with the now illegal fox hunt in the UK. It is a lot of self-proclaimed heroes with an equal amount of dogs (brained washed traitors, according to our Dog Department) that scare the Wild Boars in front of them, until they can get them cornered with no escape for the Wild Boars, than they just shoot them down.
Big Daddy say: “This hunt should be forbidden, it is nothing but cruel!”
(For this news we are happy to say that we do not have any photos)

Number of eggs today: 4

Weather Forecast
Grey! Shall the sun stay dressed forever?
The Dogs recommend you to stay safe from both the rain but also those hunters.

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  1. You have a lovely blog,
    so many cats dogs pigs chickens etc.....
    I love it !!
    I wish I had so many animals,
    I have only Kareltje ;)

    Yes a comfy resting place
    is the best for us cats ....
    I need that everyday :)
    I send you all purss hugss noselicks love
    Kareltje =^.^=