Monday, 14 September 2009

September 14th

New addition to the Hen Department.

Yesterday, after a visit to a “small animal marked,” the Hen Department was suddenly doubled in size. If a cat had joined the humans instead of the dogs this would off course never have happened. Still, we all agree, they look adorable, behave properly, and someone even claims that egg is good.

The Rooster say: “My o My! Do this new chicks look amazing. Not that my other chicks don’t look great as well. They most certainly do, but we all agree that 4 chicks is just to little for a Rooster like me. And this personal assitant rooster as well, to take care of the small chicks (he is a small rooster) was just such a thoughtful touch by the humans. I am certainly one proud Rooster today. For full details, please ask for a transcript of my somewhat prolonged 7-9 o’clock speech to my neighbour cockerel.”

PeaceCat back yet again

After a new unnoticed vacation a very wet PeaceCat was demanding food. All cats were gathered to celebrate his arrival with a better meal, just after some serious towel treatment of the earlier run away.

The PeaceCat is currently receiving peaceful guests under his favourite bed, purring peaceful mantras.

The PeaceCat says: “Why is the catflap blocked exactly?”

Police action

Yesterday the dogs were stopped in a routine control. Strangely enough they were

released after their ID chips were found in order. It really is a dog’s world out there.

The Cats says: “What is this? They must have falsified their ID-chips. What about all the report of all their criminal acts we have sent the police through the years? There so is no justice out there.”

Are the dogs not for sale?

While spending the morning with the humans at a “small animal market” the humans were asked if the dogs were for sale. A research theme consisting of the PeaceCat, the Blond Hen, DJ sQil and the Primadonna Cat is now looking into this serious matter after the humans reportedly answered no.

The research theme has given the following statement: “We are by far from finished with our investigation, but it does not look to good on the behalf of the humans. Still we have several witness to hear from, so it really is too early for us to give a final conclusion.”

Diving to new low

Today the Lady Dog managed to do something nobody really thought was possible. She dived into a new low, even for her untrained self. The weather might have been frightening, nobody around here actually enjoy thunderstorms, but from there to break into the PeaceCats favourite room and poo all over his rug, that is absolutely LOW!

(Please note that the photo was taken after the cleaning crew was present.)

The Chief Cat says: “I am actually to flabbergasted to even comment this case, but I can say for all of us, WE ARE CHOCKED!”

Number of eggs today: 4

Yes, you read purrfectly right. Today the Blond Hen decided it was time to lay her very first egg ever. Unfortunately it broke after hitting the ground after some mysterious circumstances, but a very surprised blond hen was seen leaving her nest box in a frighten manner.

Weather forecast

What ever made the sun to get dressed? It is not like we mind being a nudist, not at all actually. She does not look good behind all those nasty looking clouds. Grey is just so not her colour.

The dogs recommend you to find a dry spot and stay there.


General warning for our Langhe members

We here at the United Lizard Association would like to remind all of our members in the Langhe region to remember that with this cold weather currently bothering our area, the local cats have yet again started to hunt. So be aware and do not run across open fields. Several reports of missing tails is arriving at our office daily, we do not need anymore.

Yesterday we were actually informed about a very serious episode were a big lizard was hunted not only by one cat, but by two. He lost half of his tail before he was able to get away.


The Hen Department would like to take this opportunity to welcome their new chick friends and family:

The Gold Hen (named after the colour of the metal, not the value)

The Bronze Hen (named after the colour of the metal, not the value)

The Miss & Miss Twin

The Personal Assistant Rooster

We are so happy to finally have you here amongst us.

Personal ads

Your very proud rooster will like to congratulate my Blond Hen with her very first egg.

I could not be any prouder of you that I am right now. And what an egg!

Sincerely your one and only rooster


  1. My goodness TamTam, what a lot of news. Poor Peacecat, no wonder he takes vacations without notifying anyone if things like that happen! Give him a big headrub from me and tell him not to worry about keeping the peace, just find his own place where only the humans can see him.

  2. Hey TamTam, boy oh boy, you certainly have lots to keep you entertained, but I can tell that you enjoy all the different critters, never a dull moment for you!!!

  3. Dear Kate
    Just to be totally clear, the PeaceCat was luckily still on his vacation when the "incident" happend. He got back just after the cleaning crew left. Truth be told, I do know a certain Chief Cat which has had a coupple of "incidents" himself when there was some huge fireworks, and thunder can be frightening... for some.
    The headscrub was delivered even so, and I only took ten % of it myself. I really needed it, and it felt wonderful.
    Please give some back to Greebo and his amazing Tiger-Lily!

    Dear Brian!
    You are right, I enjoy my life to the fullest. Is there any other way? Off course there is a huge responsibility to take care of it all, but I do it with pleasure, but I am sure you know all about that.

    I am now off to see the hens, roosters and pigs to bed. All part of a working cats hard life.