Saturday, 5 September 2009

September 5th

Mysterious fog

Lately the valley has been troubled with some strange fog covering the whole valley. A surprised research team found the source to be a happy pig being broomed.

The Rooster said: “What is the point in having a nice cosy skin protecting sandbath when you deliberate go ahead and get the sand removed afterwards?”


With the Lady Dog now safely arrived the word WAIIIIIT is now commonly heard around the property. The Lady Dog seems to be a little slow on the uptake, or maybe she is suffering from a bad hearing. Most likely both!

The Lady Dog say: “You know I really do my best, but it is so many really idiotic rules around here. Like: Don’t herd!!! Hello, It is so needed!!”


Today the Model Cat was the victim of an awful incident. A male human had taken position in his favourite chair! Even though he was kindly asked to move, he did not butch. There were no other choice; a new chair (of the exact same type off course) had to be ordered.

The Model Cat say: “He had a sharp paw coming there!”

Big Daddy & DJ sQuil

After being told by some youngsters that they had some really hip hipmovement the pigs snuck in to the livingroom to do some research. After watching MTV the pigs are from now on known simpley as Big Daddy (previous known as the Chief Pig) and DJ sQuil (previous known as Tiny Pig).

Big Daddy asks: “Do anyone know where I can get my trotters on a fancy BIG FAT gold collar?”

Flying high!

The Spokeshen is practicing her flying skill. The skill improved highly after she found a start ramp up in the rustico, and the happy hen can now be observed flying all the way from the rustico to the back of the car. She is the only long distance flyer hen at the hill.

The Spokeshen say: “I’d love to fly even longer. If only I can find a way to get up on the roof…”


The humans have lately been seen enjoying their new drink, invented in the honour of our late dog Pilota.

Please feel free to enjoy it yourself.

1 part Tequila

1 part Contreu

2-3 parts spumante

Stir together and poor into a glass filled with ice. Remember the official garnish (see photo).

Number of eggs today: 3

Weather Forecast

Some local fog can occur around pigs, otherwise HOT as the sun is in its normal naked self.

The Dogs recommend you to don’t run around.


  1. That was quite a brushing down the pigs got TamTam,to make that much of a cloud!

  2. Well, did I mention that his favourite hobby is mudtreating himself to a better skin??