Friday, 11 September 2009

September 11th

The Peacecat is finally back home

After 3 days on an unnoticed vacation the Peacecat returned home. Immidiately we all got less tense, as we not only had missed him (some more than others) but we need him to keep the peace going around here.

The Peacecat said: “It is not like I can say that I do not like that new dog, after all I am a peace negotiator, and we do not say such things, but she sure put my patience on a serious test. Therefore I needed to go for a vacation to collect my thoughts and come up with a solution. So I might forgotten to tell anyone about this, as I left in a somewhat hurry, but hey, there was really no reason to get that upset.”

Robbery on bright day

Yesterday a food transport going to the hen house was robbed in bright sunlight. The thieves used the old attack from behind trick, and the transport never saw it coming. After a long fight the transport managed to get free and continued on his way to the hen house, only slightly lighter.

The Spokeshen said: “Calling me a thief just because I had a small pretaste, hah! It was going to be my food anyway. This is outrages! I eat when and where I need to!”

Sneaking snake

Yesterday we heard some strange but quit noisy sound from a bush. We were surprised to see that all the racked was made from what looked to be a tiny snake. After some closer investigation though the snake really was not that small, actually it was the biggest snake we had seen around here with almost 1,5 m and quit a fat tummy. The Model Cat immediately told him where he could sneak of to, and as said he done.

The Model Cat said: “Frighten me? You must be kidding! It just told him what he could do with those so called stripes, and he decided that fleeing was his best option. I could not agree more.”

Good humans

Yesterday the humans went to see some animals that does not live here. We always get nervous these days, as they normally than comes home with some rather silly planes about some new animals they want to invite to stay with us. This time though, they actually got home and talked about these charming animals, but that they did not want them here. Good humans, good humans.

The Chief Cat said: “Normally the humans are quit slow learners, but it is therefore even more rewarding when you see that your teaching actually are paying off.”


4 the chicks

Easter eggs

Egg and Bacon records

Egged on by the rooster, the hens have released a record under the name “4 the chicks”. While a bit eggosentric this is a much better effort than the pigs and might save the bacon for this small record company. Dedicated to the rooster this record was originally due to be released on Virgin record, but then HE grew up. Consisting mostly of acapella versions of old standards such as” Chicken shack”, Little red rooster”,” Shake your tailfeathers”, “which came first(the egg or the hen)” and “fly,fly away” it also has originals of which the best is the sorrowful “you broke my heart when you broke my egg” and a lovely duet with Bastian the cat called “chased by the dog(again)”. While there is no catnip on this record the music is good enough to give you chicken skin AND goosebumps. Can be bought everywhere good chicks meet.

Also available on Egg and Bacon record:

Single from Sofia

Sofia`s song better known as a cover of Motowns “Herd it through the grapevine”

Not very good but then neither is her herding.

Tam Tam The Critick

Number of eggs today: 3


It looks good, so good. I knew that it would!

The Dogs recommend you to take a nap in the sunshine.

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