Wednesday, 16 September 2009

September 16th

Lately the Model Cat has been suffering from insomnia. Everybody knows that the minimum snooze time for a cat in a 24 hours cycle is 16 hours. Unfortunately the Model Cat has been awake for several more hours, and sometimes he really does not sleep more than about 14-15 hours a day. Yesterday he did manage to have a 10,5 with down time, but he was twisting and turning all the time, so he probably only slept for 10 of those hours.
The Model Cat say: “All this trying to sleep makes me to exhausted to sleep.”

The Blond Hen is just getting blonder and blonder. At the same time she does wander off for herself on a regularly basis. Therefore the question has been raised whether she actually have been taking trips to the feather groomer to have her feather highlighted.

The Blond Hen say: “Off course I am not attending a feather groomer! All you need to look as purrfect as me is to get out in the sun, eat healthy and exercise regularly. Off course this does not seem to be the case with my fellow hens around here.”

Raining CriCri’s
Not all type of rains is equally bad. The cricri rain that made a cricri fall on one of the humans is one of the better types of rain we do know of, the best actually. The only bad thing here is that the humans are rather poor hunters so the cricri was last seen running for the woods with a somewhat confused and useless human left behind.
The Cat Department say: “Unfortunately it was also raining water, so no cat where present to help the human, as we were currently otherwise engaged. It is not fair actually, finally a proper and useful rain, and it is wasted on the humans.”

Wet wet wet
After getting her beauty sleep rudely interrupted by rather loud coughing an insulted Primadonna Cat saw no other option than to leave the suddenly uncomfy bed to advantage of the pouring rain outdoors. She did not return until the coughing had ended even though her fur had got pouring wet in the meantime. The very wet cat insisted on a long and intensive towel treatment, but still her fur was a little moist. This moist was luckily rapidly sinking into the duvet she was sleeping at, which unluckily also meant she had to move to a dry spot every 5th minute. This is not normally a big problem, but humans are so slow to react in their down period, and it took several kick sometimes to get the human to move over.

The Primadonna cat said: “Humans can really be so selfish sometimes!”

The pressure is on
The pressure is now really on the Hen Department as the Big Huge Dog (a close friend of the Dogs) yesterday called to order a complete egg supply for his humans for the upcoming winter season.

The Spokehen say: “We here at the Hen Department is off course touched by the Big Huge Dogs believe in us, and equally touched by the way he truly care for his human. Still this is all so new for us, so while doing our best not to let him down we are at the same time quit nervous for undertaking such a big project.”

Number off eggs today: 4
(whereas one of them strangely enough was found in the just emptied pig pool.)

Weather forecast

It looks rather bad. The Sun has still not realized what a bad colour grey is for her complexion and the water keep pouring down.
The Dogs recommend you to try to sleep it through and thing of happy memories from sunnier days.


A very big nestbox with a very low perch is wanted to the Hen house.

Ref: Broken egg


A heated mud pool is urgently needed at the Pigs Castle.

Payment in grapes and nuts found lying around.

Ref: Spa PIGment


  1. Pretty cool, nice news letter. I'm not sure I'd like the mud bath thingy with the pigs.

  2. Dear Brian!
    I do off course also stay far far awat from the mud bath, as mud is terrible for our fur. Unfortunately it is very good for pigs skin. You know pig have gone for that silly no fur, like the humans. They do insist on the mud to be clean though, and they also do enjoy a showerparty every now and then. I do not attend these parties either off course. Wet fur...IIIK

  3. It was fun catching up on the news.