Friday, 2 October 2009

October 2nd

Limping Dogs

This morning the Dogs had decided they suffered from bad paws, and was limping rather unpractical around their apartment. The human was about to rush them off to the vets, but realizing it would be better to wait until the vets offices actually opens, she instead let the hens out. This seemed to cure the Lady dog immediately. Than the Pigs decided to give the day an early start and got up as well. This did not exactly cure the Dog, but he sure got a lot better fast. Their healing has continued in this rapid manner, so the visit to the vet have been postponed to this afternoon.

The Spokehen say: “Not get me wrong, I really do not want for the dogs to be ill, but it would be nice with a herd free day!”

Gift from Big Huge

Today Big Huge private driver arrived with a gift from Big Huge. Off course being a dog himself he had brought a nice chewing stick to the dogs, witch they gracefully swallowed before they got to taste it. Further on he had sent with a whole bag of veggies for the pigs, and some very nice egg-cartoons for the hens. The Pigs actually through a small party in all the excitement of the snacks.

The Chief Cat say: “You know we have always thought well about Big Huge, but hey, he brings these nice presents for everyone except us!”

Rush Hour

Yesterday morning in the rush-hour, it was a complete havoc in the Hen house. As normal in every rush-hour the traffic was intense and quit slow moving, but than the incident happened. The very good looking Rooster tried to get ahead of the line, and ended up stuck in the entrance together with 2 of his chicks. Strangely enough the stuck hens did not seem angry at all, and evil tongs actually claim that they tried to prolong the situation. Desperate hens further back in the line was observed flying out of the pen.

The Lady Dog say: “This would never happen if I had been there. Why don’t anyone but me see the need of some proper herding?”


Yesterday morning the Dogs was having their regular morning trip to their favourite cherrytree, but upon arrival a very nice surprise had been left for the two friends. Suddenly a whole heap of one of their favourite perfume was just left lying around, and the two dogs off course immediately started to role in the nice heap of chicken manure.

The Dog say: “We could have stayed there for hours, but the silly human suddenly got very desperate to get home, and actually quit rudely pulled us out of the wonderful smelling heap.”

The Election

Yesterday all the animals at our small farm went to the urnes to cast their votes in the somewhat surprising election. The election had a 100 % participating, and we don’t think this had anything to do with the sharp paw wich the Chief Cat used to collect all the voters.

Up for voting was the following questions:

1: The Dogs is in need of an urgent bath. (15 yes, 2 no)

2: The Dogs will not be allowed to visit the Cherry tree for the next 3 weeks. (15 yes, 2 no)

3: The Dogs should not be allowed to wear perfume. (15 yes, 2 no)

The Lady Dog say: “Here you are, trying to dress up with some nice perfume, and that is the thank you get!”

Number of eggs today: 3

Weather forecast

Rather nice looking actually. No clouds and no wind.

The Dogs recommend you to sleep in the Sun.


The Hen Pen is in search of a wider entrance.

Ref: Traffic control

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  1. I am sorry to see you have lost the Personal Assistant Rooster.