Monday, 12 October 2009

October 12th

Break through

Sometimes even pigs can be bored, and in these cases they decide to have a completion between themselves. Last morning they wanted to see who could break through the fence surrounding their villa first. There were no witnesses to this competition, as the rest of us was still enjoying sleeping, but after the amount of nails lying around and the size of the holes, it seem like Big Daddy was the winner.

DJ sQuil say: “We wanted to go camping and therefore needed to get out.”

Carried away

The Lady Dog had heard the members of the Hen Department complaining of the lack of commute possibilities, and decided she wanted to help out. Unfortunately she got it a tad wrong. A poor Miss Twin was hijacked on her way back to the hen house, and than carried back the way she got, to join the other hens. Miss Twin was very dissatisfied with the custom service but to say that the Lady Dog did have a very soft touch, still she will be going herself from now on.

The Lady Dog say: “You try to help, but do you get a thank you?”

Told off

After a small walk with humans last evening the dogs went to pay a neighbour a visit. While the humans were having a pleasant talk drinking a glass of that awful red water no animals will touch, the Lady Dog did not get the same welcome. The cat inhabitant told her seriously off, and she found it best to leave.

The Model Cat say: “It is wonderful to see that my dog training is finally starting to get results.”

New chicks

When their rooster died the Miss Twins got a little sad, so the Dogs brought the human to get them a new rooster, thinking that would please them. Yhe rooster might have brought a couple of friends.

Miss Twin and Miss Twin say; “We might want a rooster, not a baby! What do we look like, hippie chicks or nannies?”

Break in

Today someone was silly enough to put a sack of new chick food outside. It should be needless to say that the sack was rapidly broken into. Yet again there were no witnesses, but the CSI theme claim it is reason to blame the Pigs as the rift was standard Big Daddy and a straw of grass from the brand DJ sQuils swear to was found at the scene.

Big Daddy say: “Why do always everybody suspect us?”

A loosing battle

Not only is the weather getting colder, but now huge parts of our garden furniture have been put in storage. There is no way to deny it, the colder season is upon us.

The Model Cat say: “I ordered one of my favourite chairs indoors at least, so I am not that bad off, and one good thing about colder season is that you finally don’t have to see half naked humans running around. OK, they are still doing that, but hopefully they will stop soon” Removing their fur like that, it is disgusting!”

Number of eggs today: 2

Weather Forecast

Very blue sky, we can se far far away. Quit hot as well, all over nice.

The Dogs recommend you to enjoy the view.



The Hen Department would like to take this opportunity to welcome out new family members: The Baby Rooster, Mrs & Mr Flowers and Miss Fire.

We hope you will enjoy living here with us.

Yours truly The Rooster, The Spokeshen, The Expert Egg Layer Hen, The Confident Hen, Blondie, The Gold & Bronze Hen and Miss & Miss Twin.

Peace Supremo

We would like to let you all know that The PeaceCat has changed his name to Peace Supremo. This was suggested by a very good female cat friend Mog and he realized immediately that she was spot on.

Sheppard dog seeks sheep

An amazingly all self-taught Sheppard dog is seeking a private herd that knows how to appreciate good herding. Being a sheep is not a requrirement as long as you love to be herded.

Ref: My herd

Are you an oak tree?

If you are a lonely oak tree looking for company or just a oak tree looking to meet new friends, we are 2 pigs that have a lot of room for you in our Pig Forest.

Ref: nuts


  1. Okay now, who really broke into the bag of chick food? And who doesn't like the baby rooster??? He is a cutie!

  2. The C.S.I theme has not yet given a statement, but they promise to get it ready to the next issue. When it comes to the Baby Rooster it is the Miss Twins that does not particulare like him, but it has improved after they saw he was the boss of Mr Flower.

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and wishing our mom a happy birthday!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  4. Hey, thanks for the pic, those are purrfect tabby tails I'd say!