Saturday, 17 October 2009

October 17th

Tooth ache
This week the Model Cat has been off his chart with a tooth ache. He was actually so bad that when he went to his dear enemies the Vets, they managed to sting him with a needle, with only 2 people holding him down and a 3rd to get his attention.
The Model Cat say: “I am feeling low, I have to admit that, but I am going back to those awful vets today, and I have a plan to get me some respect.”

Catastrophe in the Hen House
We have been so sad this week after we lost one of the Miss Twins, and The Baby Rooster and The Spokeshen disappeared. Luckily The Spokeshen got back the evening after, but we are still morning The Coucins.
The Spokeshen said: “It is nice to be back, and I did not mind the fuss I got either, but now I need a rest. Hiking trips are exhausting.”

New rabbit on the block
Last days the Vets called. They had found a rabbit dumped in the road, and was nicely saking if we could let it come and live with us. At first we where not thrilled by the idea, but than The Peace Surpremo sat us down and told us off, in hi normal diplomatic way off course. The Model Cat will pick it up at the vets later today.
The Peace Supremo say: “Off course we have to help an animal in need. We have all been there, have we not?”

Even moore vets
Due to her somewhat unpleasant way to treat the other animals on the farm, The Lady Dog not only has to go to the Vets, she has to go to a specialist vet. He has specialized in problem dogs, and Sofia managed to get an appointment all ready in a couple of days.
The Lady Dog say: “Really I do not understand what they are talking about. Somebody needs to take charge, so I go ahead and do that. Still I like the idea that a famous Master likes to study with me. I think I shall be able to teach him something as well.”

Warm inside
The Nights are really getting unpleasantly cold. Therefore the Cats have ordered a bigger fireplace to the living room as it is currently to crowed in front of the fire place.
The Chief Cat say: “1 cat 1 fireplace!”

Number of eggs today: 0 to early yet

Weather forecast
Nice and Sunny but not particularly hot.
The Dogs recommend you to stay in the SUN!


  1. I hate to hear about the hen house problem, that is really sad. But it made my whiskers grin that the funny bunny has a safe home! ><(((º>

  2. my human used to have bad toothaches