Friday, 9 October 2009

October 9th

Loosing the touch
While training the Dogs to do the “wait, do not pass me until I say so” it might have seen that the Model Cat lost his touch with the 2 dogs. After only 15 minutes they walked around him after the “wide wide berth” method. A very surprised Model Cat woke up alone several hours later. The Model Cat say: “It is outrages how much training these Dogs need. When have I ever said that they can leave just because I was in need of a small nap?”

Working day and night

There is no (official) time to rest for a dog. They have a 24/7 service, and is ready to role on only a bark or 3. This was unfortunately demonstrated last night when the Dogs just would not shut up. They went on running back and forth hunting for some imagitive monsters. Fare enough it is wild boar season, but we do suspect this to be the normal suspect, the dark monsters that seems to always appear where the Dogs are currently present after dark.

The Chief Cat say: Ha! Being afraid of the dark like that. Serves them right for having such a poor eyesight, but why do they so desperately have to bother the rest of us about it?”

Days only
While somebody like to work night as days that is not the case for the Pigs. They work in daylight hours only. Since most of their working is eating related they even skipped dinner here the other night, as they wanted to be in bed before the dark really sat in. Unfortunately they wanted to camp out on their secret campsite, and took the humans 2 rounds with flashlights batteries to find them. Than they suddenly decided it was time for dinner after all, since they were awake anyway.
Big Daddy say: “Sometimes we think that the humans don’t believe we can take care of ourselves. We have to stay in just because it is wild boar hunting the next day.

Pigs in exile
Yesterday we had the very unpleasant experience of hearing the wild boars scream for their life, trying to escape the wild boar dogs. Some of the hunters were even rude enough to stop at our property, but they got away with it, as we where busy with operation “Pig evacuation”.
This meant that the Model Cat was watching the Dogs in the living room while the Pigs were evacuated from their villa to their safe room downstairs. Big Daddy had got himself a new shiny red collar, so the evacuation went almost fast.
DJ sQuil say: “Normally we hate to stay in the safe room, as it is actually rather boring there. This time though we where allowed to redecorate the room with our favourite decoration material, our self shredded newspapers.”

Unhappy commuter
A very unhappy Rooster was observed walking the long way back to his hen house. He had planned to take a Pig back home, but the Pig claimed that his current route was towards the Pig Forest, and that the Hen House was not scheduled for hours to come.

Spokeshen say: “Here you are, trying to do the right things towards the environment, and than there are absolutely no pigs heading in your direction. Commute my #¤/)=WQ#(&¤W34”

Number off eggs today: 2

Weather forecast

Hard to say, it changes all the time. Hopefully no rain.
The Dogs recommends you to stay alert.


Exclusive full sized photo with paw print for sale.

Ref: Big Huge Dog

Rooster with a bad foot is in search of a private pig to take him around the property with out having to wait for the official pig commute.
Ref: Private Pig for the Rooster

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