Monday, 19 October 2009

October 19th


Due to the for moment totally useless secretary services of our human, there will be no photos in this edition.

Dressed up

Sometimes a small pig wants to dress up a little. DJ sQuil certainly got this feeling today. He therefore decided to make him self look really beautiful with some very natural make up.

There was unfortunately no nice pig ladies present to enjoy his masterpiece.

DJ sQils say: “Sometimes a man gotta do what a man gotta do, lady or no lady.”

C.S.I. result arrived

Last time we heard from the C.S.I. team was when someone had broken into the new sack of chicken food. After the DNA result arrived there really was no doubt. The pigs were guilty as sin. Big Daddy had a complete break down while faced by reality and confessed at the spot.

Big Daddy say: “I honestly thought somebody had left us a wrapped surprise package, I did not mean to steal from the Hen Department!”

Snow is no longer homeless

Today the dogs thought Snow (the rabbit) needed a new home. After all they both now how awful it is to be thrown out by their home because the humans don’t want to live with them anymore. So they ordered a car to bring them to the zoo outlet (they are on a budget after all) and found a nice new cage for him.

Snow say: “I finally feel at home!”

Blown away

Pigs like to sleep together, but sometimes unpleasant surprises do happen. Earlier DJ sQuil was the victim of a hideous sneeze attack, He was actually blown several cm away and as a result of this he was also very rudely awakened. Luckily a pig don’t take these kind of problem to seriously, and as soon as the first chock had disappeared took the opportunity to just turn around and burry his snout even deeper into the grass. Needless to say they kept on sleeping for hours to end, no more sneeze allowed.

DJ sQuil say: WHAW, it was at least 9 G, at least.”

Gone with the wine

Yesterday the Dogs decided to joint he humans for a trip to a winefestival. Not like they would ever drink wine, but someone got all exiced by the change to meet all those humans and off course also dogs.

The Lady Dog say: “It isn’t like I like to show off or anything, but it is nice to be able to please all with my stunning beaty.”

Number of eggs today: We do not want to talk about it.

Weather forecast

The sun is nice and naked indeed, but still the temperatures are not that pleasant.

The Dogs recommend you to get those fires going.


New personality

Cruel and stupid people, last seeing dumping a cuddly white rabbit in the street, are desperately seeking a new and much more pleasant personality.

Ref: no hope

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  1. I agree with the bunny dumping, that's not nice at all. I hope that human comes back in their next life as a carrot!