Saturday, 10 October 2009

Indiana Emil

Dear all!

It is Saturday after all, and I thought you needed a little extra to enjoy your weekend. Oh yes, and I have been accidentely going through the coorospondance to Big Daddy again. Honestly I did off course not mean to do that, it just happened.

Have a great Saturday everyone!

Subject: Indiana Emil
Date: Sun, 23 Aug 2009 11:27:11 +0200

Dear mister Lucas

I Am a great admirer of your films but can not but notice that there is no pigs in it. Have a suggestion for a film i call Indiana Emil i which the brave good looking pig fights off the food nazies in order to secure the fabled Langhe white truffel for his foodbowl. Know just the pig to play the role and he comes with a stunt double!
Have also an idea for a romantic film which i will call "Gone with the wind" where the brave good looking pig fights with the evil dog for the affection of a nice bitch. All set in a farm caught in a big dispute. No parts for stunts in this film but quite frankly my dear, i do not give a damn.

Best regards

Baron Emil Von Lønnberget und Snickerboden Antonsen Johansen


  1. My goodness, TamTam, your talents increase every day - model, catnip producer, tractor guard, dog trainer, journalist ...

  2. Well, we cats are amazing you know, and to be honest, the tractor guarding is only a hobby. When it comes to the dog training... wel somebody has to do it.