Monday, 5 October 2009

October 5th

Sleeping beauty

Today the Model Cat overslept, and therefore woke up with a sleeping shaped fur. You could see the shame almost rise to panic in his eyes. He had no chose but to immediately start an urgent deep pruning session. After only half an hour the experienced pruner had managed to remove all trace from this awful experience and therefore the exhausted cat could return to sleep.

The Model Cat say: “I just don’t want to talk about it!”

Walking the human

Last day they the Dogs went away to a “Show your human” show, and therefore brought a human. The clue was to walk a human down a dogwalk. Most human only needed one dog to guide them, but our Dogs was challenged with our human, so our human needed two leashes to get her safely across the dogwalk.

The Lady Dog say: “Yes, it was a little embarrassing to show off a human that needed 2 leashes, but hey, we will work on it until next year. Cross your paws everyone.”

(photo taken by SubHuman)

The PeaceCat is coming back

The PeaceCat has lately been on a long “vacation” to think about what he wants to do with his life. We are happy to be the first to pronounce that he has decided to go back to his peace negotiation.

The PeaceCat say: “I kind of fell down to the basement after the death of my very good friend The God Mother Dog, and than this horrible Lady Dog moved in and completely ruined everything I had worked for. So I decided I needed some time to think thing trough. Now I have and come to the conclusion that even though I got thrown back a little, well, that is only a challenge. When you have a talent you have to go with it, spite throw backs!”

A strange thing

With out any warning we were all chocked yesterday, when a totally strange an unknown cat just walked straight trough our courtyard. It all happened so fast, but with some coaching he was last seen disappearing behind the compost container.

The Chief Cat say: “I do not approve of a stranger cat invading our privacy like that, but you should have seen the look of the Model Cat when the cat passed him close by, hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihaahihihihihihihihihiiiiiiiiiiihihihihihiiiiiiiii”

(Unfortunately our photographer can be quit slow on the uptake, so we have no photo of the intruder. Still we can tell you that it was a grey tortoise.)

The autumn is here

We are sorry to inform you all that there is no longer any doubt, the autumn has arrived. The trees have started to be very colourful and mushrooms are pooping up all over the place. We can only hope that the temperature will continue to stay nice and comfy for some long time to come.

Big Daddy say: “I only hope I can get my isolation done in time, all this mussel mass in good for a lot of things, but they do need a safe soft layer of isolation.”

Number off eggs today: 2

Weather forecast

Quit lovely actually. The temperatures is just right.

The Dogs recommend you to just enjoy yourself.


R.I.P Nøstus

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nøstus The Personal Assistant Rooster for the time we were allowed to spend with him.

Unfortunately he had to leave us last Friday, but we all know he is in a better place now.

Rest in Peace

Frøken Gundersen, Frøken Solan, Kjetil, Stina, Berit, Hilde, Mac, Gull, Bronsje, TamTam, Lupus, Pia, Bastian, Erbie, Sofia, Emil & Idar

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  1. It's good to catch up on all the news. I especially enjoy the model cat. Purrs 2 you all.