Saturday, 3 December 2011

Christmas time is approaching
as Christmas is arriving shortly our folks has disappeared to make us all ready for the Christmas holidays, this is something we all look forward too, because everybody knows SubHumans (also called the Temps) are so much more friendly with the amount of food we are given. 
If we just pass their feet in a pattern which could be similar to the number 8 temps are easily fooled to give us all just a little bit more :-) 
But as we are conserned about all the animals on the planet we know for sure that not everyone are so happily suited as us here at our local Zoo. 
The wind and rainy weather up north is horrible, and the poor little ones need sunflowerseed! They need a lot of it as well. (we may report that the snow is absent so far this season - so we are showing a photo from the archives). 

A photo from the archivesysteme, goes without explaination.... I am hard at work as usual testing out the carsafety system and the best view. 

This is how we greet subhumans, showing one of our favourite subhumans, his patience towards DJ is without comparrison whatsoever. A photo from the archive system again.

We wish the humans all the best on their holiday.
TamTam and the gang ... sorry I meant zoo ;-)  

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