Thursday, 15 December 2011

A crash between the snack time for the geese and for the pigs.
 Snack time
While the female human was off for some not at all needed R&R, the male human lived up to the citizens expectations. Frequent snack times were suddenly added to every agenda. Sometimes the snack schedules to the different citizens were so closed together that male human didn’t have time to move from one to the other. Thankfully all citizens are off course prune to co-operation, and in the lack of humans, different departments of citizens were observed snacking together in almost good spirit.
Big Daddy said: “It is strange how somebody seem to have a problem with the concept that I actually have first dip on absolutely everything!”

The poker face hard at work.
Back at work!
The main secretary is back, and therefore also Seniora is back at her job as a photo editor. This is a very important job where it is of the most vital importance of being neutral. Seniora is doing this perfectly, no matter what or who the motive is, but some motives are pushing her borders more than others. Off course you would never bee able to tell which motives this would be, as while on job Seniora has the most perfect poker face ever.
Seniora say: “While at work I am totally into my jo…. Was that the sound of food hitting my bowl?”

The Sheppard hitting the dance floor breaking style.
Breaking into things
It is not always easy being a training addict, especially when you seem to be the only one with in Norwegian miles. Still the Sheppard is an eternal optimist and do her very best indeed. Her latest research as led her to be a firm believer in dancing. The only problem is that the only DVD trainer she could get her paws on was “Advanced break dance”.

Cold but beautiful.
Cold mornings
Lately we are the victims of some very cold mornings indeed. Several citizens are really struggling to get out of bed. Certain pigs for instance can’t be observed until the moon is long gone, as they are to busy dreaming about the sun turning and the very thought that warm days will yet again arrive. Therefore the pigs have totally missed out on the fact that cold mornings also can be beautiful. It is hard to believe but cold can be beautiful. Off course we can perfectly well manage with out some types of beauty.
Mr Goose say: “I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad feathers!”

Moon set.
Weather forecast
Cold nights, foggy mornings but finally oh so sunny days!
The dogs recommend you to concentrate on the sunny days, and try to forget about those awful chilly nights.


These lovely postcards has arrived the 2nd half of this year. We are still hoping to add some more. As you can see, we still have a lot of free space.
In these Christmas card time we would like to take the opportunity to thanks those of you who has been wonderful enough to take time out of your schedule to send us a postcard. As you can see we love them all, and they have made out kitchen such a beautiful decorated place to be. We hope this is something that will continue into the next year. Not only because we would like to receive cards, but also because we like to have somebody to send cards to.  We love to send cards as well. Those who sends cards to us, well, we honestly think they know we normally send someone back.

We are sad to admit that those are the only Christmas cards that has arrived.  Still, no Christmas yet..
When it comes to Christmas card those, we can only say that the door to out living room has a lot of free space. We feel it is sad that this nice old tradition seems to die out. We know that a lot of persons donate the money to animal welfare and other welfare as well. Luckily for us, we do enough for welfare the rest of the years, so we can take time and money out to send Christmas cards anyway.
These are the lovely cards we got the first  part of this year.  Aren't they just beautiful?

Bye the way, if you have sent us a card, and you can not see it on these photographs, well it is because it hasn’t arrived. Like for instance if you just recently went to Gothenburg, we are sure a card will arrive shortly. 


  1. what hasnt Gothenburg arrived still? I am chocked. Thank heaven we decided to ship the christmas card outside the swedish mailsystem! Did I see Stockholm on the door?

  2. Oh yes, Stocholm is absolutely on the door : ) Gothenborg will off course join in shortly, we are sure.