Friday, 9 December 2011

VET = Vamphyres Eat TamTams
VET a discusting word indeed, and my good friend Mogs has been in lately for an upset tummy episode. We wish her all the best, and a speedy recovery indeed.
If you know what VET stands for please let me know on my FB site - thanks. 

RIP- Marcus
Marcus the 5,5 year old rabitt - french Wedder - died of a bleeding in the head, the VET put him peacefully to sleep in the arms of his Human yesterday. 

Bowling actually
While we -( me actually )- do our very best to train all humans, but our own mainly - they suddenly go training all by themself! And bowling... Are they planning to throw the food from now on?
Of course I see the benefit when it comes to carry the foodsacks, so I let Mrs Human and SubHuman Superiore Elite, SubHuman Superiore and SubHuman Bella to have their fun. According to the rumors SubHuman Superiore Elite won round 1, and SubHuman Superiore won the second round. I dont think bowling is for me though. 

Photos from the archive system... hmmm doesnt work anymore? I will put in a virtuell postcard instead. 
"Julehuset" - "Christmas house"

all the best to you all,
TamTam and the gang et zoo. 

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  1. Dear TamTam thank you so very much for your good wishes to Mog. I'm sure they are working, as she's much better today. Mog would like to reply by wishing you 'good luck' with training the Staff. She knows just how difficult this work is - she spent at least 20 minutes staring at the cold chicken in the kitchen this morning before anyone thought to give her a taste. It's awful, the things cats have to put up with.