Sunday, 4 December 2011

Virtuell Postcard from the Humans
As you might rememeber we shipped the humans off for a vacation, I have read this is important for humans. Me, I can only say: Home is my castle, and I prefer to stay close to my foodbowl. 
However, the humans has sent us a virtuell postcard from Munich/München where they currently are enjoying the famous Christmas-marked in town and maybe some Glühwein.. 

Training the temps and my staff
This is not easy and easy task let me inform you, its an ongoing battle to keep the humans on their toes for my satisfaction nore is it easy to train my staff/zoohabitans to keep up with my standards. 
We are currently looked after foodwise by prima sub-human italiana (neighbour) and her family. The Prima subhuman is a pleasant but firm subhuman with solid background on petkeeping. However her petkeeping skills is nonexistent for pigs, sheeps, goats, ducks, parrots, goose so its up to them to keep smirking ;-) 
Training the staff
Yesterday I told you all about the fascination humans in general has for the catwalk symbolised as the number 8 around their feets. Today it was Mr Purrs time to practise, and it seemed surprisingly hard for him. It actually looked more like the symbol at (@) as he insisted on passing the foodbowl ever so-often... But Mr Purr turned on his  soundcard-system (built-in) and   all in all it was a success. But I do realise I have to train the younger ones a hole lot more! I will put in my agenda for sure.
Showing a photo from the archive system, its rather old, but he choosed it himself (eyeroll).

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