Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Looks like Christmas
a few days off now - sorry,
apparently what looks like Christmas isnt always Christmas! The other day I told you all about the poor birds up North. The situations hasnt improved, yesterday they got snow - a lot off it as well. The snow dont care about where the birds eat at all. So please remember to feed them, as they need a lot of food to keep warm during winther. But it looks like Christmas :)

My SubSecretary - the honorable SubHuman Superiore Elite has been away for a few days, and seen the Christmas market in Gothenburg, Sweden. A lovely visit she claims, and she now experience the Christmas spirit (according to SubHuman Superioro - thats shopping...). 

Our disappointment was enourmous when our Humans came back from Munich - the electricity had gone - gone as in vanished. Can't we trust the Humans in even the simplest of task? Keep electricity up so we can see where to eat!?
It was a tragedy. And such laim escuses as well. Well they fixed it in the end, and mr Human is back home while mrs Human is shipped up to her family for a pre-Christmas holiday. At least we have the electricity back ( :-) ) So the ungoing battle to train humans and subhumans to my liking dont seem to come to and end shortly. My agenda is full. 

Photos from the archives
Some photos from the lovely archive systems again, this time the goats whoom are patiently awaiting the foodtime. 

 Mr Goat is showing his best trick ( if I might say so myself, his only trick) eating out of the subhuman superiore elites hand.
All the best to you, from TamTam and the gang. (ehh zoo).

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