Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Luckily the cats do not want special treatment just because of some bad  weather.
Cold freezing days
The last week the citizens have become even more victimized by the most terrible freezing cold. Needless to say, the citizens are not at all happy about this situation. Off course, they do not take time out to sit down and cry about the matter; instead they use their time wisely to figure out how to best keep on living spite these truly horrifying conditions. For instance if you see a cat being curled up in front of a fireplace, that is just because it is a nice place to figure out how to minimize the time spent outdoor, and instead make more time available to stay curled up in front of the fireplace planning how to use less time in the even colder outdoors.
The Primadonna say: “I am currently re-dreaming my very best hunts. That should keep me busy until about mid-July 2015.”

Mrs Goose ayeing up the ice.
Hard water
Normally the geese don’t believe in bad weather, but lately even the ever so smug Mr and Mrs Goose has been observed a little bit on the sad side what the weather is concerned. Not that they are freezing or anything like that, but when you want to jump into your pool for a nice refreshing morning bath, and you instead are met by an unpleasantly hard meeting with a 5 cm thick layer of ice, even a geese can get its spirit a bit down.
The Sheppard say: “No such thing as bad weather, only bad feathers – up your featherly behinds geese!”

Friends re-united
(Also first offical photo of Latte after his horn trim.)
Icy mode
Even if you are surrounded but the biggest ball of thick soft wool, the cold can get to you. The normally friendly spirit between the members of the local wool producers also got below zero. Suddenly they disagreed about disagreeing, and started a rather cold discussion about leadership. Cold stares led into horn actions. For a while the whole thing looked ice cold.
Luckily it went so cold that the bad spirit froze up, and the 4 friends went back to do what they do best, eating.
Latte said: “Puh, I am seriously glad that was over. I didn’t get to eat, and I seriously was in danger of loosing some weight. I shall never ever fight again.”

King tiny paws on wood inspection.
Wood inspector
Whereas somebody only thinks about their own pleasures in this way beyond chilly weather, somebody is sacrificing their own well being for the best of the society. King Tiny being the great King he is didn’t even think twice when he noticed that weather freezing up. He immediately walked straight out and inspected the stack of woods. Luckily the stacks were found to his liking, and his cold feet was brought straight back in again for defrosting in front of the working fireplace.
King Tiny said: “A king has to do what a king has to do and I don’t want my “friends” to get cold.

Weather forecast
It is freezing cold. The sun seems to have malfunctioned, as it shines and shines but give us no heat.
The dogs are to busy to keeping warm to recommend you anything.


Wood stacker
We are in urgent need of anybody who continuously can keep feeding the hungry fireplaces with food.
Qualifications: opposable thumbs.
Ref: The cat department

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