Thursday, 8 December 2011

Training the humans - episode "who keep the count?"
In the ongoing and everlasting task to train the humans to my liking, the zoo gang have had Mr Human on the agenda for a few days. He is ever so willing to pick up on our training, but he still need hard work of course. Yesterday he only managed three of our cats on the lap at once.. Poor Primadonna and Peaceman. 
Tomorrow we will teach him the clock, this has been a success with Mr. SubHuman Superiore Elite earlier, as he was told feeding the cats was at 7 o clock. So he feeded us - bless his soul - 7am and 7pm. Thats a man who understands a cat I tell you. 
Looks like Christmas 
I am pleased to show you a photo of the feeder-system up North, taken today. Its filled with goodies for hungry small birds. And doesn't it look like Christmas up there? 
Yours truly TamTam and the gang in the zoo

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