Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Model is glad the fog stoppes him from seeing the misery.

It wasn’t at all a good morning for the citizens. It was not only cold, but the air had been painted in a not at all see through dark grey and everything had been covered in ice crystals. Some might consider this beautiful, but the citizens prefer the warmer beauty.
The Model say: “It is just as well I can’t see anything through this )#?”&&=!( fog as there is nothing I want to see anyway!”

Not all the citizens are equally bothered by the cold weather.
 Frozen wool?
Not everybody seems to be equally horrified of the coldness that surrounds us. A certain sheep didn’t feel much worse at all. He might be surrounded by icy matters, but he is firstly surrounded by the warmest and fluffiest wool. It is actually so nice and hot that it shall a bit more than some silly frozen fog to scare that boy indoors.
Caffe says: “When you have a woollen coat like me, sometimes the cold can actually be a little bit refreshing. Off course frozen wild food is a required taste….”

Out for a cold walk.
Cold walk
It might be cold and it might be foggy but a walk is still a walk, and it has to be done. Therefore as normal the citizens (some of them at last) did as normal head off towards the end of the world. Spite cold paws and freezing snouts, no checkpoint was missed out. Trees, walls and stones was climbed and/or signed just like normal. Still the walk was reported to be just a little bit faster than normal. Not because it was cold off course, but because the view was non-existent.
The Sheppard say: “To keep warm I just run even faster, and let me tell you, that is incredible fast!”

What happens to frozen wasp nuts?
 Frozen food
A piggy piggy isn’t either so bothered by the cold weather. Yes, it might be a little cold around the trotters, but finally all the work to get the body well isolated is paying off, so as long as there is food to be eaten the pigs are happy. Frozen food is also food, still some pigs may prefer warmer food. Therefore it was not with sadness in their hearts the frozen mutant oak nut. Being their normal soft hearted pigs, they could not but hope that the %&(&¤%/¤& wasp had frozen dead in the nut it had stolen!
DJ sQuil sais: “You know, we pig are the kindest living creatures there is. You actually can’t get any kinder than us, it is just not possible. We are the nicest there is, and that is a fact. There just isn’t anybody nicer than us. I am the nicest pig there is. Still food is food, and you just don’t better steal my food!”

The cold view.
Weather forecast
The dogs recommend you to keep your hottest spot occupied the whole day.


A citizen popping by to wish Christine a happy celebration.
We would like to congratulate our good friend Christine with her birthday today! May she have a wonderful day filled with purrs and cuddles!
May you never freeze!
Here’s to you Christine!
PURRS & HUGS from all the citizens!

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