Saturday, 14 January 2012

Beauty beeing interviewed about the importance of dog fashion.

 Let me leash!
After a certain dog (lets call her Sheppard) had “forgotten” her leash at the neighbours the evening before after a “do not run after the car” –episode, the dogs were terrified to discover that they only had one leash between them and lunch at their favourite bar. This being (due to human regulations, what else) one leash too little. The leash store was closed for lunch so suddenly good advice was scares. What to do? A throughout search of the car didn’t help much, no leash did magically reappear. Would they really have to skip lunch? The thought was just too painful. So Beauty decided to sacrifice himself. He volunteered to use a shopping bag as an ultra fashion statement leash. After all you can’t do statements like that in your local bar, were can you?
Beauty said: “With my amazing beauty you can get away with everything! Several fashion designers and magazines have all ready been in touch.”

Yesterdays eggs. No prize for guessing which is not the egg of the Spokeshen!
Fresh eggs

Now that the days finally are getting longer happy hens do yet again want to produce the most beautiful eggs you have ever seen. This year’s egg season is therefore now officially started.  Everybody off course claiming that there is no egg more beautiful than theirs. Still some hens need a couple of tries to get properly back into the game. Is it not that easy apparently?
The Spokeshen say: “I do off course not need adjustment of my perfect egg laying skills, but some of my fellow hen does, and there is absolutely no shame in that!”

Desperate cats trying to get some sleep spite the nightly concert.
Nightly serenade
During the night when most of the citizens were a sleep, a guest arrived. From under the balconies the nightly guest started to sing. Deer music filled the dark night. Since it would be rude to interrupt a guest artist like that, the citizens decided it was best not to get out on the balcony to applause, especially since deer are famous for being a little skittish. Instead they turned around and continued to sleep with the lullaby hanging in the air.  Unfortunately the guest didn’t stay, and had left by the time the light hit the new day.
Seniora said: “Can’t an old lady get a night sleep anymore?

A victim of a slow inefficient postal service.
Mr Postman
Everybody who knows us does know how we really appreciate the old fashion snail mail system. We just love it when we get postcards and packages in our mailbox. (Bills not that much to be completely honest.) What we do not understand is why the postal services itself seems to sabotage us. After all the postage is paid, and we use a lot on postage our self for nice things to end up in other mailboxes. This is supposed to share joy and happiness, but obviously this is not to liking of most countries postal services. For instance this beautiful piece of pig art was stamped the 18/12 but did not arrive here before the 9/1. Dear postal services, why do you this to us, WHY?
Big Daddy say: “Actually I think I know why this card in especially was delayed. The Postal service is ashamed with good reason indeed, that they manage to bend the one corner of this most beautiful photo.”

Weather forecast
Somebody has totally against our will replaced our beautiful sunny days with a foggy day.
The dogs recommend you to remember the better days.


Silvio out for a short walk, security is tight.
 Enemy alert!
This message goes out to the hen department in particular. A falcon is observed and as normal it is only interested in spreading pain, evil and sorrow. Therefore until further notice we have come to the conclusion that the hen department will have to spend the first part of the day in the safety of their hen palace. Extra snack will be provided together with light entertainment.
We are sorry for the inconvenience this will bring you, but remember the motto, safety first.
Ref: Maifrin Safety Bureau.  

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