Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Model letting the weather know excatly how he feels about it!
The Cold Continues
The cold continues to bother the poor poor citizens. Fare enough, part of the days is now fog free, but otherwise the humidity is huge even then, and we never seem to be anything but below zero. The sheep, goats and goose still insist on staying outdoors, the rest, oh well, they really don’t get out that much. Even the hens have left their favourite hobby of foraging and seems to prefer the indoors.
Seniora say: “I have never understood the pleasure of staying outdoors anyway. Now, could anyone please switch on my heating blanket?”

Sheppard in the cold water.
Beauty in the cold water.
The first bath!
Yesterday somebody got the swell idea that it might was time to go down to the river. The idea was met with huge enthusiasm, but only from the dog department. A car arrived to taxi the 2 strangely enough happy dogs down to the riverside, while the rest of us totally ignored the stupid idea. Apparently the river was beautiful, and while the side part of the river had offensive ice all over the place, the main part of the river was surprisingly free from the blasted stuff. Still, almost 24 hours later, nobody have found any conclusion to why Sheppard thought it necessary to chose this time for her first bath this year. Not even her. Fare enough, the smell of dog is there, but honestly, it isn’t that bad, at least not when you are used to it like we are. We are happy to announce that the Sheppard did not catch any cold from her poor lack of judgement, but we do not recommend her any new trip to the river until the weather has approved with at least 15 degrees Celsius.  
Beauty say: “You know, this has gone totally out of proportions. Honestly, it is not like it was a proper bath or anything. She just vaded! OK, personally I vaded in a more shallow part of the river, but only just, only just. Than again, I vaded in the side part of the river! What, did she also vade in the shallow part of the river? Are you sure? I can’t really recall that sight.”

The spacious penthouse appartment.
Moving in?
It seems like it is getting more and more popular to become a citizen, which off course is highly understandable. We were therefore not at all surprised when we noticed that new building had occurred with in our borders. We still haven’t seen the builders, but we would like to congratulate them with their choice of property and welcome them to our gang.
Latte says: “Now, where did a put that left over wool from last season? Maybe they could use that as nest material?”

Mr Purr is shockingly observed on the wrong side of the duvet!
The purring quilt
At the same time it starting to get cold around here, some strange sounds started to occur underneath the cat department’s favourite duvet. While most of the cats is using the duvet in a proper cat fashion, heap sleeping to maximize the heat collection, some (as earlier mentioned) strange sounding sounds with attached vibration has been arriving from underneath the duvet itself. Serious investigations led horrified cats to discover that a certain Mr. Purr were no longer happy with the heat from the heap sleeping, and had moved underneath the duvet for an even warmer climate.
King Tiny say: “Please! Can anybody get that so-called cat a proper fur before he put us all to shame?”

NOPE! The weather doesn't look good at all!!
Weather forecast
It looks COLD! It looks GREY! It looks FREEZING!
The dogs recommend you to invest in the fleece marked.


Heating pads
Heating pads and heating quilts are urgently needed.
Ref: The citizen’s antifreeze program

Obviously the citizens do not have enough blankets!
Fleece in all sizes is urgently needed.
Ref: The citizen’s antifreeze program

Wood transportation
Somebody to continuously transport wood from the wood shed to feed the fireplaces indoor is URGENTLY needed. This is a 24 hour job of the biggest importance.
Short application with a detailed CV and serious recommendations to be forwarded us immediately.
Ref: The citizen’s antifreeze program

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