Sunday, 8 January 2012

The new nest box is taken for a run.
Nest with a view
If it is something all hens know is that humans know nothing about making a proper nesting area for egg production. Unfortunately they keep on trying. Still their last try was actually not that bad, and several hens have been observed checking out the new installation, and even eggs has occurred. Off course, as soon as the novelty wears off, the hens will move on, but in the mean time…..
The Spokeshen said: “This nest box isn’t half bad actually, to be human made I mean. It has everything I look for, a nice cosy bottom, roof and only one entrance, and as a bonus it is elevated and even has a view. It will work for a short now.”

Cat(s and their )nip  
Due to what the citizens can only describe as wonderful winter weather (in the daytime at least) the cat department are happy to see that their catnip is yet again sprouting from the earth. Off course it hasn’t sprouted that much yet, so the word “their” doesn’t really work at the moment. Serious discussions have been made over the subject of who should have first dip at the nip, but an agreement is still to be agreed upon.
The cat department has yet to agree about an official comment regarding this matter, but cats have often been heard yelling: “MIIIIIIINE!!!”

The citizens discussion and testing diffrent new use of an old object.
Nobody can say that we here at Maifrin is not concerned about the environment. So to do our bit to make this world a place we can continue to live, we always try to recycle old object into a new career when its old purpose is no longer possible or needed. As you can clearly see here there is no lack amongst the citizens to test and try out new possibilities. In this case proposals as food bowl and bed was thrown out and the hen department has just got themselves a new nest box.
Caffe said: “We let the hen have this one, as it was clearly that this could never be a pigsecure food bowl.”

The houseguest
What the turtle ate
Most of you are completely aware of the fact that we are currently having a houseguest. This houseguest has the strange shape of a turtle. The lady is currently undergoing medical treatment due to an infected shell, and therefore has to be kept awake in a period were she should actually have been at sleep. We assume this is the reason she is on the rather grumpy side and really don’t want to eat. Actually we were getting so used to her antics that we got rather surprised when she yesterday realised that we finally had found her some food she approved of; dried fish. Stunned citizens could only confirm that she was finally eating happily.
King tiny say: “And I who was ready to jump in and finish of her fish!”

Weather Forecast
The almost perfect winter weather. Hot days and cold nights.
The dogs recommend you to stay in the sun as much as absolutely possible.


A fallen DJ sQuil
Pigs will fall down
This is a general warning to everybody in our area. It is vey important to know that this years season of falling pigs has started. Several pigs have all ready been observed lying around on sunny spots, some of them even in a snoring version. Please be advice to not wonder in any direction were any pig might be falling, as this could develop into a serious smashing episode. If you still feel you need to be that close to pig (still standing) remember that you do so totally on your own responsibility and that you are not covered by any insurance, not even in worst case scenario.
Ref: Maifrin security bureau

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