Saturday, 21 January 2012

Out enjoying the SUN!

Finally the cold fog realized that it had most definitively overstayed its welcome, and left for a break. Must it be a very long break indeed. In the meantime the Sun is not only back, but for today it even brought its good friend Warm. The citizens have therefore yet again taken to the outdoors, and this time in a happily fashion.
Big Daddy say: “What do you mean?! We don’t need extra food anymore?!! ONLY 30 apples for breakfast?!!!”

The winefarmer hard at work with poletesting.
 The art of wine farming – cat style!
The days when this used to be an active wine farm is long gone. Even Beauty can’t remember those days, so we are really talking ancient history here. Not all is gone though. Are you lucky you can even get to taste a grape when they are in season, off course if DJ sQil didn’t get there before you, which he most likely did. King Tiny doesn’t care about the grapes though. He does on the other paw, care about the old poles. These are of the most vital importance for any wine cat, as they come as fully equipped cat training station. You can scratch your claws, climb them and balance on them. Therefore King Tiny has taken it upon him to safety check all the standing poles, and this is a responsibility he takes very serious indeed. If in doubt he just keeps checking them until he is sure one way or the other. Some poles are actually checks several times a day. As you can clearly see from the photo above, he does this with out any thought for his own security.
Big Daddy say: “I knew it, DJ sQuil did eat those grapes! That ¤?”((¤##!”

A proud Sheppard is now playing Dog Chess.
 Dog chess
After years watching the cats playing the extremely advanced game cat chess, the Sheppard finally managed to talk the cats into letting her play with. Off course whereas the cats are born with the rules built into their head, the same can absolutely not be said of any dog. Therefore the Sheppard had to take private lesson from the Model with King Tiny as an assistant trainer before she will be allowed into the official Maifrin Cat chess cup. If she will pass the course that is.
The Model say: “Unfortunately the will to play is NOT equal to actual talent. We started the lessons at scratch, and that was just to advanced, so we had to invent a completely new low level. We call it Dog Chess!”

The Cabbit does not agree with the lack of snack in the world.
The Cabbits delivery
The Cabbit was delirious of happiness when the delivery man called and asked if the Cabbit could arrange to have his delivery picked up in the village the next day. It had been a long wait, but finally his snack refill was arriving. The Cabbit didn’t leave anything to change, and his driver was put on 24 hours phone service, and the car was ready to go in a jiffy. When the package finally arrived the Cabbit went into a snack frenzy.
The cabbit say: “What do you mean? I can’t have it all at once?? But…. I have all ready put in a new order!”

Weather forecast!
We are hoping that this hot day is here to stay.
The Dogs recommend you to live for the moment.


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