Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Sheppard demonstrating the propper way to behave in a bar/restaurant.

Dogs in Rome
As a shocking start to the New Year, the dogs favourite bar choose to take vacation, and closed down for a whole week. You can all imagine the dogs despair to this horrible act of selfishness from their local bar. Still the dogs are of the forgiving sort, and when the bar people finally got their lazy act together, two dogs were yet again observed sleeping themselves through lunch time.
The Sheppard say: “It isn’t like we are depended on that bar or anything. We do off course lay down in other bar as well, but in this bar the other customers depend of our company you know.”

New food containers out to dry.
Some might think that the citizen’s life is filled with excitement. They are wrong! Life can in fact be rather boring and it therefore doesn’t take much to please them. Some are even easier pleased than the rest, like when Mr Goose was totally excited and happy watching the new food containers getting washed and dried out.
Mr Goose say: “For crying out loud! It is not that I really enjoy watching the cleaning of the food containers, but knowing one of them was for me, and in the meantime I got myself a drizzle shower and afterwards I got to splash around in water. Utterly wonderful!”

The Full moon rising
The Full moon rising
Yesterday it was time for the monthly full moon concert. So while the full moon was rising over the hills, we were lucky enough to be mesmerized by the most beautiful tunes floating through the evening air. When Beauty and Mr Goose together hit the high notes everybody else (including the chorus) just stop and for a wonderful moment it is like the moon is shining only for you.


From the vets archive part 1
Lately the Model hasn’t been completely up to his normal colors, and almost everybody has been worried about him. Therefore a certain cat agreed to take a trip to the vet (after he had been catnapped and forced in to a cage and placed in the car). Unfortunately the vets are not really up to date, and still believe in the very old method of phlebotomy. Needless to say, the Model is more updated on his veterinarian research and protested wildly. The vets tried to tell him how they just wanted to analyze his blood, and only a very small part of it. The cat did not listen, mostly because he couldn’t hear a thing as he was screaming out as high as he could, and it seems like the Model has an enormous lung capacity. It might not have helped on the situation that at the same time somebody had wrapped him in a blanket and a traitorous human and two vets tried to hold him calm enough to get to his precious blood. Needless to say the Models arguments won the discussion. There was no phlebotomy! A certain cat was looking incredible SMUG the whole way home.
The Model say: “Phlebotomy!!!!! There is nothing wrong with me. I am perfect! Perfect!! I am just longing for the spring. PHLEBOTOMY?!!”

Weather forecast
Still a clear sky as long as the eye can see.
The dogs recommend you to gaze upon the stars.


Eating up services
Your food bowl still has those old bits in it? Not a problem, you just call for King Tiny’s finish up service. No food bowl to high, to low, to occupied. King Tiny will be there in a jiffy and have your bowl fresh as a daisy before you know it.
Ref: Bowl emptier

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