Tuesday, 11 August 2009

August 11th

Where have all the silence gone?

Saturday we all heard some very strange noises. It sounded like someone screaming. The Rooster had left his last vow of silence and decided it was time to crow. Unfortunately he still need a lot (and lots and lots) of training. Fortunately the Neighbour Rooster is doing his best to tutor.

The Spokeshen said: “You know, he is just such a MAN!”

Life just isn’t too bad

After being sentence to stay in closed until the wine harvest is over, the Pigs got a little bored. After continues breaking out of their pen, they had to move into a more closed facility. This new facility has a swimming pool and in-built air-condition. Continues snacks delivery is also appreciated. It is actually so good in there that they are waiting to be let in again after they have been out eating.

The Pig Department have given the following statement: “When you think life is getting a little sad, well, sometimes life gives you a water melon, and you are right back on top.”


Yesterday the Dog was left at the house while the human left. This was the first time after his mother died, so spite being in the splendid company of 4 cats, 2 pigs, 5 hens and a rooster, he still felt a little lost and alone. Therefore he went for a walk. Luckily he met up with one of the neighbour dogs and her human, and they took him on a long walk.

The Dog said: “It was actually fun!”

Party Party

After The Dogs big escape yesterday the Human decided he needed to join her at the local dinner, or at least that is how his official story goes. Anyway he got back home bragging about how he was the king of the ball. (Unfortunately) our secure source confirms this (awful) bragging.

The Dog said: “They all loved me, and I loved them all!”

One scary night

A lot of thunderstorms have been bothering the neighbourhood lately. For some this can seem a little scary, so Cats and Dogs have to work together to comfort the humans. That is way The Dog and The Primadonna Cat suddenly found themselves laying next to each other on top of a human midnight.

The Primadonna Cat said: The Dog was shivering so bad, that I just could not help taking pity of him. It is not likely to happen again!”

More bad weather

The Sun has been working so hard the last weeks, that yesterday she decided to take a 30 min beak. A nasty raincloud did his best to make his best of this opportunity, and you might say he succeeded. At least he managed to give us 49 mm the half hour of his life. Nobody seemed to be really thankful for his effort.

The Model Cat said: “What about some moderation? Only asking. All this water isn’t really going paw in paw with my beauty nap plan you know!”

The BIG rescue

Today a beetle was rescued from the Henhouse. This kind of beetle seems to be the only beetle who survives a meeting with the Hen Department. We have not come to a conclusion of why this beetle manage to avoid death like this, but so far research are leaning towards that the size may has something to do with it.

The Spokeshen said: "Frighten, HA! He just does not taste good."


We would like to apologize for the delays regarding this issue of the news, but unfortunately we live in a district where internet connection and thunderstorms is not a happy match. Please forgive us, the weather and maybe also our internet supplier.

The Poll!

Remember to vote at the poll if you would like to read anymore biographies. We need at least 30 votes before next biography will be released.

Number of eggs today: 2

Weather forecast

It is hard to say these days. These thunderstorms seem to jump out of the sky, literally.

The Dog recommend you to have a dry soundproof safe place on continues standby.

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