Wednesday, 12 August 2009

August 12th

Crowing school

Being on bed rest has giving the Rooster a lot of time to practice his new found crowing. The crowing is still no KYKELIKYYY. Still the practice has done wonder and he is now got to scriscriscriscream. The chicks are still amazed and are hanging around his cage as flies to honey.

The Rooster keeps saying: “scriscriscriSCREAM”

Kicking up dust

The Spokeshens secret sandbathbeach was to day discovered. The Spokeshen was at the time enjoying a sand wave produced at some well done dust kicking.

The Spokeshen said: “Can’t a girl enjoy a private bath in peace anymore?”


After seeing the Pig stealing from their feeder, the Hens thought it was time for payback. Actually the Pig food is so tasty that the fact that the hen house has been secured and therefore the feeder these days is totally pigfree does not seem to get the hens of their path of revenge.

The Spokeshen said: “Ever heard about intrest?”

Cat in dogbed

The latest day the Model Cat has several times been caught sleeping in a dog bed.

The Model Cat say: “Who decided the bed is for dogs anyway?”


This morning The Dog was just gone. With his mother gone he seems to have taken up some bad habits. We were all very concerned for him, and we all went looking for him (human more than the rest of us). Safely back home he did had a happy smile all over his face, but he refuse to let us know anything about it. Luckily the neighbours weren't that silent about it, and told us that there dog in heat had escaped together with their male dog and their female hunting dog, currently in heat. Due to the dogs anatomy, The Dog is expected to be a father in about 8 weeks.

The Chief Cat says: “This is actually outrages, this would so not have happened when The God Mother Dog was around."

Number off eggs today: 3

Weather forecast

From hot to hotter.

The Dog recommends you do bring a lot of water if you are to go hiking.

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  1. I'm with the model cat...every bed is the cat bed.