Tuesday, 4 August 2009

August 4th


Today the dog brought the human to a shelter for dogs. There were so many dogs there, but off course mama wasn’t there. Still he did meet a lovely young lady. She was actually so nice that he said yes to go for a walk with her at Thursday.

The Dog says: “She was cute; I can hardly wait to see her again.”

Awful treatment

The Model Cat was to day quit shocked when he was looked in the living room. How was he then supposed to check the electricians van from top to bottom? Everybody know that this is a very important job. Even though he did his best, the van left before he got back out.

The Model Cat said: “Sometimes I just think that they don’t appreciate all I do around here.”

Summer break

Last night he summer went for a break. Something about needing a vacation. In the mean time we were the victims of a very cold night. For the first time in weeks the temperature 16 was observed.

The Primadonna Cat said: “It was almost chilly. I had to sleep on the humans legs to keep warm.”

Top security

After yet another break in the hen house, where the Thief (Pig) even had the balls to fell a sleep with his noose in the feeder. A security consultant was contacted. This resulted in the lower part of the door being boarded up. So the Thief Pig had no other choice than to show off his jumping skills. Another board was added, and the Thief Pig went to sulk in his own pen.

The Escape Hen said: “I quit like this new arrangement. It was getting a bit boring to escape when the door was always open. This way at least I have a SMALL challenge. I think it was all done for me actually.”

More hugs

The Peacecat trying to shear everybody up with hugs did today learn an important lesson. Hugs are all nice and cuddly, but never stand between a pig and his next meal. The Peacecat got his fur got all smeared while the Chief Pig tried to walk over him.

The Model Cat said: “He means it so well, but sometimes a hug is not the answer.”

Good news

For the first time after his mother death had his: “Juhu! It is food dance”. Not that he actually ate all his food, but it is definitively a step in the right direction. Nobody eat much in these hot days anyway.

The Dog said: “For a moment there I remembered something about being happy.”

Number of eggs today: 3

Weather forecast

After a cold night the heat is back, and it looks like it will stay that way for a while.

The Dog recommends that you hurry back to the shadows, (If you ever left them, that is.)


  1. Hei. Første gangen jeg er inne her.Så flott! Turid

  2. I'm with model cat...he should have been allowed to monitor that Van... goodness only knows what they do if he's not allowed to do his job. MOL. Luv the pics as usual.