Thursday, 20 August 2009

August 20th

Spider too

According to Spider United we are in great need of their help, so they sent a new spider to help with the hunting. A big one! Soon we will have more spiders than mosquitoes; we guess that is a good thing.

The Model Cat says: “What a show off!”

Helping around the house

The Model Cat was this morning observed helping with the housework. He had taken upon himself to control if the freshly washed blankets really was dry enough to be carried inside, and when he does something he does it properly, with out any thought for his own well being.

The Model Cat says: “I am sure, I can still feel a bit of moist here, I let you know when they are ready.”

Waiting for the Lady

Last day we where hoping that The Lady Dog should move in with us. Unfortunately she got delayed and has still not moved in. The Dog took this really bad, but ha is putting on a brave face, and hope that tomorrow will be the day. He is tired of waiting.

The Dog says: “you know the cats, pigs and hens are wonderful to me, but I need a fellow dog by my side.”

New bathtub wanted

To small pigs is in search of a non-shrinking bathtub. This is an urgent matter as a bathing dog is soon to arrive.

The Tiny Pig Said: “It is actually big enough for me, I am only being supportive.”

Pig School

Lately the Chief Pig is having some problems with his training. He refuses to sit on command. In the mean time the Tiny Pig is sitting and sitting and sitting and sitting some more, and eating his rewards.

The Chief Pig says: “I really don’t get the importance of this sitting thing. I don’t like it, and I do so much other things, like lie down, shake a throtter, oh yes I come when I am called at and also when I am not called at.”

Numbers of eggs today: 3

Weather Forecast

Incredible hot. A new day with 35 an up is likely to occur.

The Dog recommends you to be patient, stay in coolest place you know and try to get some water.

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