Wednesday, 5 August 2009

August 5th

The Dog off again

The Dog is now always off to somewhere. Somewhere other than here. Today he went off to the marked. This is off course only an excuse. We all know he only wanted to get off to his regular bar. You know the place that feels like home.

The Dog said: “I can’t help it, but it is so nice to get away sometimes.”

Snack time

The Dog has ordered the human to provide some of his favourite snack so he can bring this to his date tomorrow. He is also seriously considered a bath, but on that account no decision is yet taken.

The Dog said: “I really like all my friends here at home, but they don’t really understand me. This Lady Dog though, I think she understands me.”

Charming pigs

Today we had visitors, and the Pigs being pigs, did their best to charm them. They sat, shaked trotters and even laid down. The Pig school seems be working out.

The Chief Cat said: “It is disgusting! Pleasing guests? The guests are here to please us!”

Yet another definition of hot

Cat a sleep, cat a sleep, cat a sleep.

Lizard is walking by, tail intact.

Cat continues to sleep, cat continues to sleep, and cat continues to sleep.

The Model Cat said: “zzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzz”

Living from Mars

During a full property inspection a new life form was discovered. A thorough investigation showed that the new inhabitant is of the more silent type. Still, it is not being trusted quit yet, so he will be watched carefully.

Number of eggs today: 2

Weather forecast

The heats continue as the sun likes to be naked.

The Dog recommends you to stay calm, very calm.

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  1. Lizards! They have escapes! Maybe the sleepy kitteah is dreaming of chasing thems. Purrs!