Saturday, 15 August 2009

August 15th

This news is dedicated to our morning routines, and it all happened before 7 o’clock this morning.

Hunger strike
Today the Pigs woke up really early, and they woke up to a very unpleasant crisis. Their hunger was even worse than normal. It was actually so bad that immediately breakfast was needed, even though it was 3 hours early. (UN) Luckily the Tiny Pig is a great speaker, so before he reached the breakfast area a freshly woken human was waiting with an apple.
The Tiny Pig said: “I just hate to wake up being hungry! It is not fare; still it seems to happen all the time. It is so bad that I have started to look into the possibility of sleep eating.”

Unwelcome visitor
Suddenly this scorpion was crawling over the floor. We immediately got frighten he was out to steal or food. The bastard (only poison in August, oh which month is it?) was captured (for once we left this to a human!) and left under a nice big stone with a lot of ants to eat.
The Scorpion said: “I was looking for the stone, but must have taken a wrong turn (or several) along the way. Thank you for supplying me with a taxi.”

The Crowing Game
The Rooster is now feeling so happy about his crowing, so he has joined the local crowing game with the other Roosters in the neighbourhood. His crowing still needs some final adjustment, so he hasn’t won the game yet, still we are very proud of him for daring to try.
The Rooster say: “KykescrrrrrriiiiiiLY”

A not at all jealous Chief Cat had to tell the members of The Hen Department who is the BIG BOSS around here today. This was done by spraying his signature (with big letters) all around their enclosure. Not easy for a neutered cat like the Chief Cat, but it had to be done.
The Chief Cat said: “It is a hard job, but somebody has to do it:”

Romance in the air
With the Neighbour Dog still in heat, the Dog went to pay her a little romantic visit. She really appreciated it, as The Dogs serenade was especially composed for the occasion. He had practised it to perfection the evening before, with a lot of constructional criticism from the Cats, and The Model Cat even gave some pruning tips.
Unfortunately the Neighbour Humans did not understand the Dogs need for breakfast, so in the end he returned home for a nice big bowl of his favourite food. The Dog said: “She is so lovely! But all heroes need food, including me.”

Number off eggs today: So far 1, but it is still early.

Weather Forecast

This morning we actually had a lot of clouds. Than the Sun rised and scared them all away. Yet another hot day will be the result.
The Dog recommends you to keep those fluids coming, especially if you need a lot of energy for some romantic singing.

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