Friday, 7 August 2009

August 7th

Dog dating

Yesterday the Dog went for a date with his lovely young lady. She was such a Lady, and the Dog only had 2 problems. The first was to keep the other guys away from her. The other one he is still struggling with. He really likes her, but is a little worried about her mental health after she just walked straight out in the river and laid down. Didn’t she know that water is bad for your fur?

After a seriously consideration he has come to the conclusion though that he would love for her to come and live with us.

The Dog says: “She might not be perfect, like my mother was, but next to that, she is really something special.”

Rooster looser

Suddenly the Rooster had a relapse. Therefore the poor rooster is now back to quarantine and meds. Nobody is happy about the situation, but at least both his spirit and weight are much better now than last time he was ill.

The Rooster said: “At least this quarantine has plenty of food and water, my favourites.”

Pigs in trouble

The Pigs have been sentence to spend their upcoming weeks in their pen after being caught rednoosed eating grapes in the wine yards. This is NOT a good choice if you want a long happy pig life. Unfortunately the Chief Pig refuses to realize that eating grapes may be dangerous for his health, so his new hobby is now escaping.

The Chief Pig said: “I just can’t help myself, the taste is pure delight.”

Angry Cat

Last night the Primadonna cat wanted to go to sleep, and she had decided that the humans bed was the place for her upcoming nap. You can imagine her chock when she found the door closed! The humans lame excuse about the door being close due to a draft……

The Primadonna Cat said: “There is no excuse for a closed door!”

The Invite

We are glad to announce that The Dogs date has said yes to our invitation to come and live with us.

The Lady Dog said: “The Dog wasn’t half bad, quit handsome actually. The rumours also have it that the humans are trained to satisfaction.”

Number of eggs today: 3

Weather forecast

It is actually looking like it is going to rain!

The Dog recommends you to make sure that your favourite pillows will not get wet.


  1. Oh, how wonderful for Erbie! Welcome to The Lady.

    But poor rooster - hope he gets better soon.

  2. Happy world cat day :)
    Nice to meet you !!
    On the blog from confucius cat I saw your profile p[cture 'That eye BEAUTIFUL' :)
    Lovely blog you have,
    we are coming back .....

    Kareltje =^.^=
    from The Netherlands