Friday, 17 July 2009

July 17th

The vets yet again
Today the Chief Cat had to bring the piglets to the vets. This was a little overdue, due the mysterious dissapperance of the Chief Cat every morning. The rumours have it that the Chief Cat behaved purrfect as ever, but the same can not be said about the piglets. They really did not believe that the vets’ floor did not need any manure at all, rather the opposite. So they went on a full manure contest.
The very embarrassed Chief Cat mumbled: “I could not have been more embarrassed if I tried. I had to hide in the end of my carrier. I refused to leave the carrier before the piglets had left the room.”


Lately ghosts have been observed at midday. Not only one, but several ghost bodies have been found. They have been found in the shape of beetles, snakes and wasps.

Have ghosts started to roam around in the kingdom? They can clearly be seen in the shapes of beetles, snakes and wasps. Are we talking about a ghost infestation? Luckily they are quit materialized, so they are easy to get read of, boring but easy.

The Model Cat said: “Hmmm I prefer to make ghosts rather than kill ghosts.”

The Peace cat helps with the housework.
The Peace cat, being his very understanding self, has a strong suspicion that the humans don’t really care for housework. Therefore he sometimes decided to help out. Today he helped out when the humans hang up clothes for dry. Every cloth clip was checked before use, and for his service he only wanted a little petting in between.
The Peace cat said: “Sometimes is doesn’t hurt to help others, even the staff.”

Brown noosing
There is nothing wrong with a little brownnosing, as long as it is the cats that are sucked up to. Even though, the Piglets have recently taken this just a little too serious, and gone for the whole brown noose look.
The Chief Pig said: “I don’t understand why the others seem to think this is overdoing. We only like to show them how much we really care!”

Have the dogs been overheated?
The sun is just getting hotter and hotter. Therefore everyone try to stay in the shadows. The Dogs on the other paw… Seem to have regularly tanning seasons in the sun. There is therefore a worry that the Dogs have been overheated and that their head have gone a little strange as a result.
The God Mother Dog says: “You should try it for yourself. Make the shadows feel so nice, cool and truly refreshing afterwards.”

Number of eggs today: 3

Weather forecast!
From hot to even HOTTER. After 8 weeks with degrees over 30, we are now evolving to over 35. Not a cloud in sight.
The dogs are actually to hot to recommend anything.

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