Wednesday, 22 July 2009

July 22nd


Normally the pigs do not party at weekdays, but with the local festival that had been going on, well they got them self completely caught up in the party spirit. After they had been partying all day long they where found snoring under the table.

The Chief Pig said: “Gosh, I am completely knackered”

The God Mother Dog is recovering

We are so happy to let you all know that our beloved God Mother Dog is getting better, fast! She has even started some patrolling and that hardly with any limp at all. Off course with this hot weather she is mostly lying still anyway, with or with out a bad leg.

The God Mother said: “The Vet told me to take a couple of days of, but hey, I just did not find the time for it. What would happen if I did not stay on top of it?”

Honey lice versus the Model Cat

It is with huge sadness we have to inform you that the Model Cat was the victim of a fierce attack by the awful honey lice. There he was on his way to one of his favourite snoozing places when they attacked. After hours with preening he realized the loss and bit of the fur had to be cut off. While waiting for the fur to return to its normal purrfect self the Model Cat has gone “on vacation.”

The Chief Cat said: “hihihihihihihihihihihihihihiiiiiiiiiiiii!” (This comment has been seriously shorted.)

The Hen house has been raided

While it has become normal for the Cats and Dogs bowls to empty themselves under mysterious situations, this has been a new experience for the Hens and the Rooster. Unfortunately it has now happened twice in the last 24 hours. A big black blob have been seen leaving the crime scene.

The Spokeshen said: “We take the security to our food very seriously. A hen flap has been ordered.”

Rooster in bloom

Not only has the Rooster finally broken his silence, but yesterday he even went for a longer walk with his chicks. After a long day with watching the chicks hunt, and a small nap under the table he was ready to return home. Unfortunately he was a little knackered, so he had to grab a cab.

The Rooster said: “Whaw that was fun, I might even try it again!”

Remember to vote at the poll!

The God Mother Dog realize that you have not had the heart to vote at the poll because you are afraid she is not up to writing her biography with her bad leg. She will like to inform you that this is absolute rubbish. There is nothing wrong with her head! So please let those vote coming. Remember she needs at least 30 votes!

Number of eggs today: 3

Weather forecast

The heat is coming back!! It will be even hotter!

The Dogs recommend you to get ready as best as you can.

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