Wednesday, 1 July 2009

July 1st

The New Hens
The New Hens are settling in good. The Chief Cat has taken them under his “wings” and watches them carefully. This has off course nothing to do with the fact that their M.A.C.H (Mobile Animal Carantene Housing) has been placed next to his all time (at least for this week) favourite sleeping spot outside.
The Spokeshen said the following after she went for a short visit: “Hmmm I am not so sure about these girls. They did not want to share their food with me!”

Construction of swimming? pool
The Hen Department started the construction on their swimming pool long before they where imprisoned in their henhouse, but it was this imprisoning who really got the construction going. The pool is not almost finished, just some last decoration details left, and some nice long dust baths have been done. This was such a success that 2 more pools have been started on other parts in their garden. The big one the humans build is not in use as the construction with out doubt is completely wrong.
The Spokeshen said: “Who would ever know that construction was this much fun.”

Dogs dining and whining
Yet again the dogs took the human for a drive, and yet again they ended up in a bar. Our source says that they really have the knock for this, and they are treated as the regulars’ they are. This meaning they speak to all the other regulars’, have some jokes with the bartender, watch the life go by, drink (water) and always end up in a good mood.
The God Mother say: “We like to get away sometimes, and than it are always good with a place that feels like home.”

Pig training
The Pigs have been training hard lately. The Tiny Pig has finally learned how to sit. The Chief Pig is struggling a little bit. Actually quit a lot. He seems to have a problem with the fact that he should do something to get something. He actually seems to prefer to do nothing, nothing but be given treat that is.
The God Mother Dog says: “I have to admit I understand the Chief Pig.

What is living in the wood basket?
Most likely due to the somewhat hot weather outside, the Chief Cat has moved almost all of his inspections indoors. So when 40 000 square meters are reduced to only 300 square meters, off course this will be done very very thorough. He is especially concerned for the wood basket. After watching it for a good half hour he thinks it can be trusted, but to be on the safe side he does it several times a say.
The Chief Cat said as follows: “What can I say, I take my job serious.”

One sad Peacecat
The Peacecat is very sad to learn that only 2 person is intrested in reading his article. So far he therefore do not see the need to publish it.

Number off eggs today: 1
Total numbers of eggs:

Weather forecast

Just so hot and it looks like it is going to continue. The dogs reccomend you not to think to much about it and keep those fluids coming.

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