Friday, 24 July 2009

July 24th

Hen Party
The Hens are always up for a party. Today the excuse was the female human’s birthday. The Hen Party had a flying start, and from there it went wild. The feathers were seriously shaken and the famous sand boogie just would not stop.
No comments where heard over the loud sound from the sand disco.

Where have all the Sunflowers gone?
Yesterday we woke up to yet another mystery disappearance. This time the Sunflowers seed had gone. For a moment we thought that they maybe just had lost their seeds to the ground, but this theory was found impossible by the local CSI team. Test showed that a seed do not empty themselves even if they fall 1,5 m. The usual suspects have watertight alibis since they where locked in their sleeping quarter, and even though the Thief Pig is not at all fat, we have not seen him climbing the sunflowers.
The Primadonna Cat said: “This is so sad, as we where saving these seeds for the local birds winter diet.”

Tomato hunting
So we have a lot of stealing around the premises. This time there are tomatoes disappearing from the vegetable garden. Strong evidence found by the CSI team has taken the investigation in the usual direction. This time the usual suspects do not have any alibis.

The Spokeshen said: “What? Does my make up look like dried tomato?”

Mamas Boy Dog out for lunch

Due to the continues sick leave of the God Mother Dog (rest easy, she is doing much better) Mamas Boy Dog had to be the sole animal represent at the female humans birthday brunch. Off course they went to one of those places where also the dogs are welcome and served their private bowl of water.

The Mamas Boy dog said: “The Cats may haven driven from Norway, but I went all the way to Castiglione Falletto.”

New collars
Today the dogs where treated to new collars. The other animals are so jealous that they just can’t stop laughing.

The God Mother Dog says: “They are only jealous that we have been equipped with not only diamonds but also reflective collars, so that we shall always be seen.”

The Poll!

There will be now biography by the God Mother Dog this Sunday, as only 16 have voted. 30 votes are a minimum, and you only have one week to go before she retract the offer.

Happy Birthday!
All the animals on the farm would like to take this oppurtunity to congratulate the female human with her birthday!

Numbers of eggs today: 2

Weather Forecast

From hot to hotter! Not a cloud to be seen.

The Dog recommends you to use a nice new collar

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  1. yuo have 17 followers and you have 17 votes ... that means 100% have voted ... all are yes by the way ... that means all of us want to read God Mother Dog Bio ... I for one have nothing else to do but hide from the earwigs ...

    please let us read the bio ...

    and happy birthday to the female human