Monday, 27 July 2009

July 27th

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The hard life of a cat

Yesterday the Model Cat caught himself in a serious problem. He was having a nap in his favourite chair, when the sun caught up with him and the shadow left. He was starting to get serious hot, and especially to hot to move. The only solution was to have one of the humans to carry his chair over in the shadows, with him in it off course.

The Model Cat said: “I was getting way to hot, but should I have to give up my seat because of that?”

The egg quarantine is over

The egg quarantine is now over and the eggs will from now on be eaten by the humans. To honour this occasion the Expert Egg Layer Hen laid a twin egg.

The Expert Egg Layer Hen said: “I am not in a stage of my life where I need to her the clatter of little chicken feet, so for the time being I am only laying egg for practice.”

Angry Pigs

The Piglets are angry after the only way up to the Vegetable Garden was closed for Pigs. Off course no other inhabitants have any problem getting up there, but the Piglets are left on the bottom of the stairs.

The Chief Pig said: “This is outrages, outrages I tell you. Just outrages!! Where are we now going to get our veggies from?”

Evacuation “Falcon”

To day a big Falcon was seen flying low over our beloved home. The Hens were therefore evacuated from the property and into their Hen House while the Falcon thought better of it.

“The Spokeshen said: “The Falcon should have some respect for us working girls.”

Depressed dog

Mamas Boy dog is very sad after loosing his “piece of bread”. A thorough search has been done, but no Piece of bread was found. If you should se the Piece of Bread lying around sulking, please help it back to Mamas Boy Dog!

The Mamas Boy Dog says: “I miss him so much, and are afraid for his security. Please come back home!”

Number of eggs today: 3

Weather forecast:


The dogs recommend you to, well they don’t have any ideas for the time being.

1 comment:

  1. I love how how you spell outrageous.

    please continue spelling it "outrages"

    I love it .... it wouldn't be right if animals started spelling everything exactly the humans do ... after all, animals don't speak English anyway so I don't expect them to get everything right ...

    here at the Burke farm we love everything just the way you do it now ...

    the twin egg is cool.